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Wed, Nov 23, 2016 4:01 PM


I have had att landline for over 30 freakin years, I have just wasted 2 days trying to pay my ***** bill with your automated system, all it does is disconnect me! Tried to do your online crap it called me back 3 times last night at 1 am 3:39 am and 5:01 am waking me up all ***** night!! Been calling you or trying to for the last 3 hours now, when I do get a live soul on the line you want to charge me an extra $5 ***** dollars to take my payment!! How can I pay on the automated for FREE if it is not working and why should I line your ***** pockets because your system and customer service reps sucks!!!!At this point after being a customer of 30 years I am ready to shove your service up your *****. I have asked to speak to a supervisor and all I get is smart ***** answers from your ***** foriegn speaking people, your service has nose dived into the bowels of ***** and I have had more than enough!!!!P.S. I cleaned up my "bad words" can you now clean up your crappy service!


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4 years ago

Hi @User3673318,


Sorry to read of your experience. Unfortunately we have to refer our members to chat for Home Phone and DSL billing. You will find the information here.



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