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Monday, October 31st, 2016 6:33 PM

Attempting to Port Number from AT&T Landline to Ooma

I've been holding onto my landline for a very long time and it is now time to ditch it. I am on a barebones landline plan with AT&T for what started at $19.99 a month and is now to $44.


I am trying to port the line to Ooma and it keeps getting rejected because it says invalid PIN. I am not aware of my PIN but have called AT&T 3 times and been given different instructions on the PIN. All three times it was rejected again and I cannot port the number.


Any ideas?



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7 years ago

Hi @gyoung345,


In the past, the name and address was not entered correctly from the other provider. Make sure the address and name you give them matches what is on the bill. If you continue to have issues, you will find contact information for our teams here



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