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Wednesday, October 28th, 2020 3:33 PM

All circuits are busy

Hello!  I started receiving an "All circuits are busy" error message a few days ago.  I work for a medical office so it is a business line and the error message pops up for every number I attempt to call.  I starts around 11a eastern time and lasts throughout the rest of the work day and it is VERY difficult to make phone calls which is the majority of my job.  I am having trouble reporting this online or contacting anyone at AT&T because Maine is apparently in a different service area the most of the country.  PLZ HELP

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3 years ago

If this is a business line than it should be reported to the business repair center.  All circuits busy would be a switch issue and if it's for all numbers you call I'm sure they are aware of the problem.  Here's a link to the various business services.  

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