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Monday, June 5th, 2023 4:18 PM


So many of us cannot access our SBCGLOBAL.NET email. In my case I am directed to the login on the Currently page. When I enter my information, it tells me that it sent an 8 digit code to my email and to enter it below... the problem is, it sent it to the SBCGLOBAL.NET email that I am trying to get into! I have spent hours on the phone with AT&T and they have not been able to understand the situation and they all want me to reset my AT&T password. (They have never heard of an 8 digit confirmation code. They only use 6) I have no problem accessing my AT&T account and can reset the password all day, but it is only the Email that I cannot access. It was at one time a handled by Yahoo for ATT, I believe. Not sure what is happening now. Some customers can access it, and some cannot. Can someone please help us get into our email which we have been using for over 20 years?

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