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Thursday, November 24th, 2022 4:32 PM

Pain the the rump, again, and again, and...

Periodically, I try to check my Yahoo email, and get a message telling me that my password or log in isn't correct, perhaps the day after going in and out of the account several times successfully. I try and I get a message telling me I have reached the limit for attempts. Then I go through the dance of creating a new password (I just use the old one) and volia, I am in. 

Seriously folks? This is both a pain and bush league and happens a couple of times a week, to both me and my wife, and has been going on for months. 

Any solutions?

ACE - Guru


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1 year ago

No solutions, just the workarounds found HERE, which fortunately for you still work on your accounts.....for now. 

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