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Monday, July 31st, 2023 3:01 AM

How to bypass new Yahoo security protocol that requires new terms to resume email transmission to Outlook?

Starting 07/29/2023 a new security protocol requires email users to accept new terms that permit Yahoo and Microsoft to view your personal data including name, birthdate, gender, profile photo and location in order to resume receiving or sending email via Microsoft Outlook. Microsoft states that "This issue you are having is actually caused by Yahoo's new security protocol." Unfortunately their fix does not work. Refer to

This message does not come up when using or a mobile device. But Outlook works better with MS calendar, contacts and file storage.

The screen shot below is the message that demands consent to enable email transmission via Outlook to resume. How can I resume sending and receiving email using my email via Outlook without caving in to Yahoo's privacy-compromising extortion attempt?

Does this Yahoo demand even comply with California privacy laws???
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