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Need to update email settings?
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Wednesday, March 20th, 2024 12:07 AM

Cannot access bellsouth email

I have a email address that I can no longer access.

When I log in at (which itself redirects to, after entering my username and password, I am automatically redirected to

I also tried setting up a mail client on my desktop (Thunderbird) to retrieve my email that way, and it also fails. I followed the instructions here: and used the following settings:

Inbound mail server: IMAP, Port 993,

Outbound mail server: SMTP, Port 587,

When it tries to log in, there is a very long delay, and it eventually fails with the following error message:


Failing that, I also tried setting it up using POP with the following settings:

Inbound mail server: POP3, Port 995,

Outbound mail server: SMTP, Port 465,

Just the same, it takes a long time trying to log in, then fails with the following error:

-ERR [SYS/TEMP] Server error - Please try again later.

I read some more articles and learned that I may need a "Secure Mail Key". I followed the instructions in this article: and was able to successfully set up a key. I then attempted to use that as my password for logging in via IMAP and POP3, and received the same error messages.

Finally, I tried using the automatic setup option for Yahoo Mail as suggested by this article: which uses OAuth, however when I attempt to log in, after entering my email address, it tells me that I need to verify my email address and wants me to enter the code that it sent to me at the email address I'm trying to log in to (how am I supposed to do that if you won't let me log in?).

In desperation, I even attempted to upgrade to the paid option listed here: – however when I try to sign up, it sends me back in the same login loop where it redirects me back to and won't let me proceed.

Edit: Also, I wanted to mention that I've also reset my account password, my recovery email, and even my password reset questions as I've seen suggested numerous times in similar posts. I was still unable to log in, even after waiting several hours. I have officially exhausted all self-support options.

Please help.

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2 months ago

P.S. this is what it shows when I try to log into the new "currently" email webmail by clicking the "Check email" link in my profile here:

Community Support


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2 months ago

Hi @PainterPat, we understand your concern with regard to the account setup. We wish to point you to the right direction.


The Community Forums are a public support option where other users, and AT&T, will try and assist with high level support needs.   This means we won’t be able to look into account specific concerns.  To get the help you need for your unique issue, please review our Contact Us page, and choose the best option to reach out to us.  You can call, chat, or reach out via social media and we can review your specific issue and provide you support.  If you feel your issue isn’t account specific, and can be answered generally, please let us know and we’ll be happy to help”.


Thank you for visiting Community & Forums,

Billy, AT&T Community Specialist.

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2 months ago

@ATTHelp I don't think it's account specific. There are tons of people having problems accessing their,, etc., emails all across this site. Some apparently regained access by posting here, and one of you guys helping them, so I was hoping you might do the same for me.

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2 months ago

I agree with @PainterPat as I'm having the EXACT same issue with my email account, and have been since I migrated to FIBER as ATT required. NO ON at ATT seems to neither understand the problem or how to mitigate it. This is beyond frustrating, as this email address is tied to ALL things for me. Can ANYONE from ATT PLEASE give us a solution.

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2 months ago

@EmailIssue2024 what happens if you send yourself an email from another account?

A friend told me that when they send me an email, they get a reply with the following:

<[email scrubbed]>: host[] said:

550 5.2.1 <********@********>... Addressee unknown, relay=[] (in reply to RCPT TO command)

I searched that error message, and it usually means they've deleted the account, but I can still see my account on my AT&T profile:

@ATTHelp  what's the problem here? Did you delete my email account? Help me out. Send me a direct message so we can get this resolved. I don't want to make the same mistake as a bunch of other folks here have made and call you guys just to spend days on the phone resetting my password over and over for no reason. I've reset my password twice and created two "Secure mail keys", and none of these work. I've now given your system 3 full days to "sync up" or whatever, and it's still not working. The email address associated with this account I'm posting from is the same as my AT&T user ID. Please help.


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14 days ago

I’m having the same problem. It sends me throughout the loop. I can’t retrieve a code from an email that I can’t access. Help needed. 

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14 days ago

AT&T honor your customers. Just because we still use email. Doesn’t mean you have to mess up our accounts. 
I’ve spent three days on the phone with AT&T. All I get is there is an email outage. Or you need to update your internet service. My internet and home phone work fine. It’s the email that is the problem.  
being able to login to the AT&T website fine. But not able to login to AT&T /yahoo mail. 
Come on AT&T you can do better. 

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