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Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 3:10 PM

Email Not Working - Troubleshooting Information from AT&T

Login and Email Solutions

 Resolve issues like:

  • Password Issues

  • Login/ Sign-in Issues

  • Webmail solutions

  • Compatible Browsers

  • Email going to trash

  • Client setup help

  • POP Settings

  • Spellcheck

  • Mail Delivery Error

Announcement: If you received an email to set up password recovery options for your AT&T Mail account, it is the real deal from AT&T. If you find out that you cannot remember your email or password, we have solutions for you below. 

Top 3 Email Solutions

Using a client? Can't Sign In? Yahoo.com vs Currently.com
If you are having a hard time using your client, you may need to set up AT&T's New Security Feature to sign-in. You can also check your mail via a browser. Sometimes we forget our passwords and enter the wrong ones. Resetting your password is one of the fastest ways to get back into your account.  If you are routed to AT&T's Sign-in, this is normal. Just use your att.net, sbcglobal.net, or bellsouth.net as normal. 
Learn about Oauth and Secure Mail Key and compatible clients Make sure you are using the right ID. Find it now. Still having trouble? Using a different browser or clear cache and cookies


If you are still having issues with loading the login page, go to currently.com and click on the mail icon at the top right. If you have not signed into your email for a period of time, it is suspended. You can recover it by signing into it but please note, your emails may be deleted and AT&T is unable to recover them in this instance.


WebMail and Features Troubleshooting

Heads Up: Using different emails on one browser may cause issues when attempting to sign in. You may need to clear cache and cookies each time you sign into a different email. A fix may be using different browsers for each email like Safari, IE, and Chrome. 


Have the right browser

Internet Explorer and/ or a Microsoft Edge browser older than 15.x, you will need to upgrade your browser to a supported browser. If you’re using Firefox, Chrome, and/or a Mac-based browser, just sit back, and relax.


Can you keep your email?

In short, yes you can! Our Free Email FAQs page has more information and things you need to know. Please check out the terms and conditions page for more information. 


Email Not Going Where It Is Supposed To?

  • Is Your Email Going Into Spam? Trash? Another Folder? - check the rules in webmail to make sure nothing is set up to forward

  • Hacked Email - If your email account was compromised, rules may have been set up without your knowledge. 

  • 3rd Party Browsers - If you are using a 3rd party mailbox like Outlook, disable it to make sure that the mailbox is not causing the issues

  • Check spam. Sometimes email gets routed there in error. 
  • Not getting an email from another web service? Sometimes issues on their end can prevent it from making it to us. In some instances, they will need to contact the email provider.
  • Sometimes non-AT&T emails are blocked for spam. If this is done in error, check out our AT&T Postmaster Support page.

Note: Some 3rd party mail apps have been known to cause issues and send mail into trash. We highly recommend discontinuing the use of the app and using the Yahoo Mail App.


3rd Party Mailbox - (Outlook, Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird)

You may need to update your client to work with Oauth. You will find step-by-step solutions on our Client Setup Page. You'll find solutions below for generic client issues:

  • Test using webmail - If you are able to sign in to your email via the web, the issue points to the app or mailbox you are using.

  • Mailboxes - we recommend using the latest version. Updates and changes may prevent it from working properly. 

  • Rebuild Mailbox profile - In some instances, rebuilding the profile fixes some issues. You may lose email doing this

  • Change your settings from POP to IMAP 

  • Client issues - If you are using POP, you must now use IMAP. There was a recent change, this article will explain further

  • Multiple Email, One Client - Please note, each email requires either a secure key or OAuth to be set up.  Check out Microsoft's support page on how to set up multiple emails
  • Reset your secure key - this has helped resolve issues in the past, especially when signing into another client or troubleshooting your current one. 
  • AT&T does not officially support or troubleshoot mailboxes/ clients like Outlook

Note: For those of you using Evolution and having issues sending email, go into setting and find Disable Settings For All POP3 Extensions and select it.

Having trouble with Outlook, check out this thread from one of our community members. 



The spellcheck feature is no longer supported via webmail and now defaults to the browser spell check option. 


ChrisZ, AT&T Community Specialist 


*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.

Still need help? Ask a question! Our 1.4 million members typically respond within 1 hour.

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3 years ago



Thank you for reading our article regarding E-mail Troubleshooting! Just to clarify, anything that is specifically considered for Macintosh would be under Apple Mail.


Let us know how troubleshooting goes, or if you have any further questions!


Donovan, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 years ago

Help with CARE CODE: 205.2 [LU003]

A few weeks ago I stopped being able to access one my Att.net email. My account is now locked and states the following

Looks like you’ve tried to sign in unsuccessfully too many times. Recover your ID or reset your password to continue.
CARE CODE: 205.2 [LU003]
Who can I call to reset account or where can I login to get help?


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3 years ago

A few weeks ago I stopped being able to access my ATT.net email. My account is now locked and states the following:

Looks like you’ve tried to sign in unsuccessfully too many times. Recover your ID or reset your password to continue.
CARE CODE: 205.2 [LU003]
I need to get to my email and this is so frustrating being stuck in a loop!
Does anyone have the fix?  It seems ATT email has a problem every year that takes me hours of research to fix.  I can't even log in to my ATT account for my phone ...same problem!  Did I say frustrating!!!???
I also cannot log in to my ATT cell phone account to pay my bill, same error code.  I am on the phone with ATT now.  Will update if they give me a fix.
FIXED!!!  I called ATT customer service 877-722-3755 and told them the problem:  one being I couldn't log in to my account to pay my bill, two being I can't access my email and gave them the error code 205.2 [LU003] . 
He put me on hold a minute and came back and told me he sent a text with a code in it and told me to log in with that code as the password.  I did and it took me to the change password page.  I told him I didn't want to change my password.  He told me I could use the old one.  So I reset with the old password and it worked.  I can get to my email and my ATT account phone account. Email is still coming to my phone as well, which it should since I didn't change to a new password.


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2 years ago

This is outdated information. Can it be removed from the original post?

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2 years ago

I am unable to access my eMail from Microsoft Outlook 365 running on Windows 11. I get a prompt stating that Outlook 365 with Windows 11 is not supported. Is this true?

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