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Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 4:46 PM

Yahoo/Att Email password problem.

 Around 4 months ago my Yahoo/Att mail account password inexplicably seemed to change. I can still access the account through my iPhone mail app as it has stayed logged in. But I need to be able to access the email on my computer for multiple reasons including continuity. I have tried to reset my password, but cannot remember the answer to one of my security questions as it is one that constantly changes. I have seen in other threads a claim that you can have a temporary password snail-mailed to you, but there seems to be no such option anywhere I've been. I simply need my password to be reset. I would be able to access the reset password on my phone. There are no stores in my area that provide email support, I've tried calling customer support numerous times and spoken to 'managers'. They haven't been able to solve this problem for me.


Any help on this issue would be very much appreciated.


Please do not leave a 'solution' and decide this thread is solved. I will respond to this thread when my problem has been solved.




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