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Friday, September 29th, 2017 7:52 PM

When a DoD sponsored CA-based Company turns an email into a Caliphate - blame for the damages?

jskato@pacbell.net is a primary email in 1999.  NATaT is a Government Agency in Washington DC area - the email is a former Public school employee, technology coordinator, and gifted & talented instructor at elementary,middle, and high school ages.  Also, Credentialed in 38 States within the USA to Instruct as an Educator=adult, preK.


In the years 1996-1999 the person, herein has arrived to being a Microsoft Partner of the Year Award practioner menaing that Microsft has set aside nearly 2 million EUROS for effrorts upon the nature of 256 colors at 13 svchost.exe folders at five HKEY class vulnerabilities to alleviate technical troubles at AGL and MSL locators in the Airline Industry.  


AT 1996-1998 an invitation to email to DIGITAL ISALND - a SanFrancisco-based DoD emailing+ device at Ojai Valley "ownership" turned to the nature of which eamil to utilzie - school district assigned or the pacbell.net noted above in Herein.  PITCHESS - that is the pacbell.net address was utilized.  That the DIGITAL ISLAND persons added that address - then claimed a hacking was occurring is IMPOSSIBLE to equate since in 2001 the person whom was held at gunpoint was at Ventura County superior Court included at DIA.mil as a VICTIM of a crime.  There is nothing that can be disputed in that CLAIM.  Since, the NUMBER G580003 is applied to his Telecommunications Corporation that arrived to California Republic in 1995-196 with him - I am he and writing in the thrid person.


That at the moment a PRIVATIZED State of CA employee "game" taht is a simulator technically driven by a DVD type HARDDISK device - a burner that was taken from the 414 Drown ave abode in December 2005-December 2006 is ILLEGALLY being used at State of CA OR and Washington to "create" a tenth soil region.  which is IMPOSSIBLE - and is being used to cause persons to SUICIDE - that is a SUID File they are toying with and it is terrible dangerous to both the aware and not aware.  They murdered nearly 3700 aquatic mammals with that device, they are State Employees that are pretending to have to be National Security Agency persons and assault each otehr in essentially a PlayStateion game Station that is chipped to use Asian Market games - they also stole that away under a Civic Asset Forfeiture ideation - they are terribly addicted obvisouly to also cocaine, pandering, pimping, and parenting a VICTIM NUMBER - that is tied to a three-year-old child a client of a Prominent Ojai Valley Law Firm named Blatz.  He seems bent upon determining if they are using his Judicial ProTemp numbers ilegally to endanger hisself, his family, his clients, and the City of Ojai from within.  That is the nature of this post.


Please, be advised that you are not playing a FICTICIOUS device at DIA.mil and it is NOT A BORKEN DEVICE to be "fixed" IT technically cannot be broken though can FEIGHT and JAB with the best of what the FATBOY system at Centra lintelligence Agency can do - and that has definintly learned that you are toying within a nolo contendre.  Surveillence Court is not a game - it is a significant non business - it is an Erradication device that seems to have to curtail its own efforts.

NOTED ENTERED THIS :: September 29, 20917 at Ventura Californai 93001 12:49 PM PST

I am of sound mind and body; the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Digitally signed Scott M Jaffe G579821, G580003, G574813, G575448



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