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Wed, Aug 1, 2018 2:59 PM

What ports can be opened for the NVG589?

fredHi Everyone,


I would be grateful if someone could have tell me what ports AT&T will actually route through an NVG589 to a service in my business so I can re-establish remote access to the computers at our family business as the way I was doing remote access using port 22 was blocked by AT&T recently. I put more details on what I was doing until I was blocked below. I can not find a list of what ports are allowed - could someone point me to this information. If there is a recommended secure remote access method please let me know.




The full details:


For about the last year I was accessing VNC using the ssh port (22) and ssh certificates for security after doing remote access less securely other ways for many years. I access I have done involve using the Gaming/NAT menu to open at least one port. For security I had switched to forwarding my the VNC port (5900) to port 22. This worked fine through the evening of patch Tuesday in May but the next morning (Wednesday) the VNC the connection no longer worked. After restarting all computers and the NVG589 it it still failed. Locally within the business (behind the NVG589), I could connect VNC from one computer to another using the port forwarding showing that everything was OK on the server side. Using traceroute it appeared to me that a certain SBC/AT&T server was blocking the connection though I did not confirm that port 22 was being blocked by this server.  Repeated calls to support got no resolution as the support people seem only able to make changes the NVG589 firewall using the gaming/NAT menu which is exactly what I had been doing for years. Finally support agreed to send a technician. The technician was able to call some US-based support center that I don't have access to and was able to find out that port 22 is no longer allowed. This information does not seem to be available by calling support (at least I was not told it in 6 calls). For the past couple of months I have been driving into the business because I am still not able to resolve this issue.


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Afternoon, @luehring!


These are some great questions, and we can definitely help you get your remote access working on a good port again!


Just to make sure we are on the same page, you are wanting to connect with Virtual Network Computing, to transfer files among the different computers and devices within your business network, and you have been told that port 22 has been blocked, correct?


Can we ask for a few extra details about your setup? For instance, what operating systems are you trying to connect between, and which VNC program are you running? Do you have a static IP set, or any third party equipment behind your NVG589 gateway?


To best assist you, we'll also need a few account specific details. To safeguard your account, I am going to send you a private message, towards that end. Please check your forums inbox for a message from AT&T Cares, and reply there with the requested account information.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Katherine, AT&T Community Specialist


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