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Saturday, August 27th, 2022 2:37 PM

Website Access

I am trying to access my school's book website but AT&T keeps blocking it. Does anyone know how to make that website accessible I really need to access my books?

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1 year ago

Let's make sure you can access your school's website, @Dhoward42804


AT&T Internet Security scans traffic for dangerous websites. Sometimes a webpage that you know is safe may trigger a blocked notification. If you trust the page, you can select Allow Access to add the site to the exceptions list in Smart Home Manager.

Good to know:
 When you add a page to the exceptions list, you won’t be warned about future threats from that page.


You can learn more by visiting our internet security article. Let us know if this helps! 


Raiden, AT&T Community Specailist

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2 months ago

I have experienced this type of error, make sure these things meet the criteria to solve this issue.

1- Your website is https or http, it should be https

2- Internet service providers block the URL

3- Pirated content van be the reason

4- Illegal traffic gets your URL suspended by ISPs

  How to fix this issue?

Try to block the browser you are trying to search on. Also, open the website in other browser. Contact with the internet service provider for following reason. Use absolutely HTTPS instead of http. As i was facing the same issue for my website and fixed that while applying these points.

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