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Sunday, June 30th, 2019 4:07 PM

Unblock port 25 for small email server

Hello. I have a home office and I run MS Exchange 2010 for home/business emails. (4 users) I just recently changed my Internet access to AT&T Uverse.

My server is receiving Inbound emails perfectly. OUTBOUND emails are not going out.(stuck in MS Exchange queue) I have been using this server for 16 years with a different ISP. (different versions of Exchange along the way)

Can you remove the block on port 25 so that I can receive emails from outside?



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4 years ago

You can get 25 unblocked but I believe it costs $49 to do it. Start by contacting ATT ConnecTech support.  That page shows a telephone number (866.294.3464).


...or you might get lucky and catch a unknowing tech support droid in a good mood and do it for free! Man Surprised

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