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Wednesday, November 18th, 2020 3:26 AM


Unable to download email into Eudora client (resident on XP computer which is using a Firefox browser)

In May 2020, I was able to see my incoming emails on the  website but I was unable to download them into my resident e-mail program Eudora. The problem was solved with the help of Alexander G. Bell (a Tutor), by updating Eudora's (SSL) library from  v1.0 to v1.2.  Starting with the 16th of November, the problem is repeating itself, whereby I can see my incoming emails on the  website, but I am unable to download them into Eudora. I wonder if I need to replace  my PASSWORD (stored by Eudora) with a SECURE MAIL KEY that is compatible with the OAuth process.  I don't see the logic when the OLD password is still acceptable on the  web interface to view my emails, yet it is not "secure enough" to be used by a resident e-mail client. Please offer a suggestion to resolve this.

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3 years ago

Having the same problem today/tonight.  Clearly AT&T/Yahoo made a change today.  Call to AT&T tech support was not helpful.  As I read it, if you have an oauth compliant client, you don't need the secure e-mail key, but NOTHING works other than the web browser.  And, there is NO WHERE on the website to generate a secure mail key.



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3 years ago

fszita:  There's hope but well hidden.  I had a reply set to post earlier, but this site entangled me vexatiously.  Now the post went poof--& redrafted.  But there's hope.  I was frustrated with two ATT-Y email accounts that our older email clients could no longer access.. (Im a devoted Eudora 7 user too!) I tried to make one acct connect as a method test last night.  I think i managed to find the :"secure key" generator in the site (don't know how) and tried adding a key on the website for the account --but no workee then.   I gave up and went to bed.  But today, surprise--that account was again connecting to Eudora!  Not sure why, but I think I first added the secure key (it then becomes invisible online); then later tried also updating the acct PW for the email client, too.  Anyway you'll need an invisible 'Key" entered for each ATT email acct in Eudora.  Good luck.  I just wasted another afternoon/eve trying to get the other email acct fixed with a key too , BUT got hopelessly tangled in the site, like a maze.  Lost in a dark cave.  Now to log out & get some sleep(???)

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