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Monday, September 23rd, 2019 11:47 PM IMAP sub folder sync (Outlook)

Hi there.

I have a customer with an email address.

For some reason the Outlook client will not sync the IMAP folders under the inbox, despite showing in webmail. Send and receive are working just fine. New outlook profile behaves the same way.

Multiple forums indicate this is either an AT&T or Yahoo generated issue. After contacting both of these companies, they both refuse to address this problem blaming each other for the problem.

I have generated no less than 10 escalations over the last 2.75 hours with AT&T support only for these supervisors to hang up on me. Additionally, I have been told I have to pay for premium support $49.95, for assistance with Outlook, when I know this is not an Outlook issue.


Here are the settings I have been told to use when setting up the Outlook client.!/u-verse-high-speed-internet/KM1086159?gsi=55l4to


I am at a loss and am getting nowhere with AT&T.

Anyone else run into this issue?

Community Support


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5 years ago

We would love to try to help!

Since the account is sending and receiving mail through Outlook, it's likely not a server settings issue, but you can get help verifying the iMAP settings using our Troubleshoot & Resolve tool through "First Time Setup".

Also, make sure there are not filters setup for the subfolders on the Outlook client that may cause the messages to be misdirected.

We hope this helps!

John, AT&T Community Specialist



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5 years ago

For some reason the Outlook client will not sync the IMAP folders under the inbox, despite showing in webmail.

Just for clarification, when you say "folders under the inbox" are you referring to folders nested under some other parent and not at the same level as inbox in outlook?


I don't use outlook but recently I was made aware that outlook has this ability to place the folders as sub-folders structure.  If so, here's an article about that.  It involves setting the root folder path to "inbox".  I don't use outlook so I don't know if this is significant to the problem you are describing or not so I just thought I would "through out there".  Otherwise, if you followed att's setup description I don't know why it wouldn't work.


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