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Wednesday, July 12th, 2023 4:58 AM

Security breach wifi id theft unfair charges

Reembursement and or return to unaffected payment amount  is requested due to unauthorized user, who  through my at&t wifi account, was able to also attain my banking and other private accunts. Due to this breach in security through this at&t internet account, my autopay for my home wifi was declined for insufficient funds, I have been battling many unauthorized charges, all due to this hacker, who is as we are typing this, still connected to my wifi with what I can tell is a VPN through Nord. It shows Android_432c is connected which an attempt to charge my debit card for $65 oddly appeared amongst others. Coincidence? I'm going to say no. The real cherry on this camel humping, is I paid $100 of the 149 and paid the past due leaving 5his months payment not due for overa week, yet the sparkling jewel in my tiara is my account is still suspended, making it impossible to kick these unfraudcrime devices off MY WIFI! !!!!!. JUSTICE?? NO FOR THE LOYAL AT&T CUSTOMER. I COUKDNT 3VEN GET THE F4AUD DEPARTMENT TO REPORT THIS (Edited per community guidelines) WHO I KNOW HIS NAME AND HAVE EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT, IM RANTING IN A Q&A FORUM BECAUSE I COUKDNT GET IN TO SEE CONNECTED DEVICES. TELL ME HIW ITS EASIER FOR HACKERS TO DESTROY ME AND I CANT GET INTO MY OWN "SMART APP" MANAGER. AM I IN (Edited per community guidelines). DID I DIE AND DIDNT KNOW IT AND IT TURNS OUT IF YOUR BEHIND ON A ATT BILL YOU HAVE TO SPEND A LIL TIME IN DOUBLE HOCKEY STICK IT TO ME?

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11 months ago

Hi there, @saraemcnew. We understand the importance of having a secure Wi-Fi network and completely understand how upsetting it must be for someone to invade your network and privacy. 


Your Wi-Fi network may extend more than 300 feet from your Wi-Fi gateway. This means that people outside your home may be able to access your Wi-Fi network. If they do, they could:

  • Monitor the websites you visit
  • Copy your usernames and passwords
  • Read your email and other messages
  • View files on your computer
  • Infect your computer with a virus
  • Send spam or perform illegal activities
  • Slow down your computer and your internet connection speed

To see which devices are connected to your network, sign in to Smart Home Manager. Go to Network, then Connected devices to see what’s connected to your network.


Here are just a few steps that you can take to keep your network secure:

Learn more about keeping unwanted users from connecting to your network and see additional network security tips.


As far as the identity theft goes, we've got a great article full of Fraud & Security resources that explains how we can help you guard against fraud and keep your accounts and devices safe and secure.


We've also got some tips to help guard you against identity theft

  • File a police report. Get a copy of it to submit to your creditors or others who may require proof of the crime.
  • Report identity theft at www.identitytheft.gov.
  • Reach out to your bank's Fraud Department. 

Please feel free to reach back out if you need help in the future. Thank you for contacting the AT&T Community Forums!


Lacey, AT&T Community Specialist 

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11 months ago

@saraemcnew  If you suspect you are a victim of identity theft then:

1. File a police report

2. Contact AT&T Fraud (difficult I know)

3. Notify your credit card agencies (they will probably issue new cards) and bank

4. Dispute any charges that you don't recognize

5. Start monitoring your accounts every couple of days to catch any unauthorized charges

6. Change all of your passwords for your important accounts as well as your gateway and other devices

If you can't make the payment you are required to make, then you need to contact Billing prior to the due date and see if you can work out a new payment schedule. You can't just choose to pay what you want, that's not what you agreed to do. If your account gets suspended for non-payment, then you need to pay off in full what you owe before service will be restored. That's in your TOS that you should have read but agreed to when you signed up for service. 

All you can do is protect yourself from further financial damage by following the steps above and let your fraud claim go thru it's process.

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