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Sunday, May 8th, 2022 3:15 AM

Receiving email problem from one person

I have account and I get emails all the time but my mother in law about a month ago something happened where her emails were NOT getting to us.  She doesn't have she has charter/spectrum.  I checked our side and I didn't have her on blocked.  I also checked if I had any domains on the blocked list and I had none.  Is there anybody that can think of what the issue might be or can I check something else out?  When I email her from my att she gets it but can't reply back.  I tried from other email services and she gets them and can reply.  For some reason from spectrum to att isn't going thru.  I have proof she has emailed it properly and spelled everything right.  I have a feeling something is off here on her side but I can't be sure she lives out of state and is a recent widow.  Thanks for any advice

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2 years ago

Keeping in touch with family is so important these days. Let's help your mother-in-law get back in touch with you, bertaron


 As you have done all the proper troubleshooting on AT&T end, there is not much more that AT&T can do, because we are unable to service other services email addresses.  All we can do is let Charter/Spectrum take control.


From a strictly from a user standpoint, there are things that need to be brought to light. Like what error messages is she getting when trying to reply or does she get a bounce back message when she emails you directly?


All in all, Spectrum will need to be the one to look into this matter as it concerns their domain and not AT&T.


Our recommendation is that your mother-in-law will need to contact Spectrum in order to troubleshoot her email address.


If there is anything else that we can do for you, please reach back out.


Thank you for posting on the AT&T Community Forums. 


Matthew, AT&T Community Specialist









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