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Thu, Sep 14, 2017 10:23 PM

No longer receiving email from specific website

After restarting my computer yesterday, I am no longer receiving emails from one website I got emails from without a problem before. Because the email I need from this website is a two-step authorization code, this means I can't sign into my account. I've tried restarting again, as well as using a different browser but neither helped and I don't really know where to go from here. The website is and the email is 


If anyone knows how to fix this I would be immensely grateful. Thanks.


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5 y ago

Hello @snipesalot0,   


Not being able to receive emails can be problematic!  Especially since you mentioned this is to get account authorization for a certain website.  We can discuss some options.


It is good you have tried restarting the computer and tried different browsers.  This issue may be something in relation to your own email or the sender which will be as you mentioned.  Have you verified they have your proper email on file with them?  Are you able to send an email to them?  If you happen to have an alternate email, I do suggest contacting them through that as well in order to test it and/or communicate with them about your email on profile.


Within the post, it wasn’t mentioned the type of email you have.  If it is an email, you can check out our Troubleshoot & Resolve Tool.  Here, you choose Internet tab > Email Setup and Repair.  Here, you can follow a troubleshooting flow to determine the best resolution for your email!  You can also troubleshoot accessing email.  If you are getting any Email errors, please visit here.  This is if you are unable to send or receive email.


I appreciate the opportunity to help you!  Have a great day!


Adam, AT&T Community Specialist

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