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Thursday, July 25th, 2019 6:28 AM

Most of my email Contacts and Contacts "notes" have disappeared suddenly today!

I have had my email account for over a decade. Suddenly today most of my email Contacts and Contacts "notes" have disappeared today!


I have Comcast as my ISP; and this new problem appears on both Safari and Firefox browsers?????



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4 years ago

Unless things change with contacts I think your contacts gone forever.  Up to a day or two ago you had a option to "restore from backup".  But as I am writing this that's all gone now.  There's a new UI for contacts which to put it polity as I can is crap.  It might be a work in progress and the restore from backup might come back.  But it isn't there at the time I am posting this.  Maybe it was the switch to this new UI that clobbered your contacts in the first place.


See also this thread.

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