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Wednesday, August 19th, 2015 9:25 PM

Mailx .mailrc account syntax for IMAP server on

I'm attempting to configure Linux's mailx client to connect with AT&T's IMAP server however success eludes me thus far.  Because I can successfully send mail through the SMTP server, I am confident that the hardware is operational.


I'm struggeling with mailx's .mailrc file configuration.  Because the mailx manual page lacks a comprehensive description detailing the specific syntax of all the fields supported in a .mailrc account entry, and nothing significant (other than the IP address and port) is echoed to the screen when initiating a connection with a mailx -A att -H -v command, and mailx doesn't provide a log file, it is difficult to debug.  It fails with a timeout error message.


 Here is the current iteration of the account entry in the .mailrc file:


account att {set folder=imaps:// imap-auth=loginset imap-auth-user=LDighera@att.netset imap-auth-password=set imap-use-starttls}

I'm hoping a kind Unix wizard familiar with this issue will enlighten me in the arcainea of .mailrc configuration and AT&T mail servers.









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8 years ago

This .mailrc file works with the exception of the necessity of manually entering user ID and password:


account att {
set folder=imaps://
set imap-auth=login
set imap-auth-password=
set imap-use-starttls
}[/code]I hope this is of assistance to other Linux/Unix users.


Perhaps AT&T will consider adding this support information to their Email Support Page

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