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Saturday, January 27th, 2018 12:42 AM

how to tell if your email has been suspended due to abuse, since the att/yahoo split?

anyone else having issues figuring out WHO can help with email account issues, since the att/yahoo separation? i keep getting run around over twitter/chat/phone support.

att/yahoo account separation as of 12/27. yahoo email has all my old stuff. email started getting all the important emails (the ones that are not junk and tied to all my accounts and life basically). someone hacked my sbcglobal account a few weeks later, but i caught within a few hours. i contact att support and changed my password several times. everything was fine until 1/24 and my sbcglobal was inaccessible on my phone apps. was told to go to but it did not "recognize" the address anymore, nor did att site. ATT chat rep advised me it was suspended due to abuse, he raised a ticket, and it would be available again within 12-24 hrs. obviously nothing is working still. after several hours on either the phone or chat with ATT, I'm still getting runaround. and phone # one rep gave for "email specialist" was an old yahoo # that tries to tell you how to win a Caribbean cruise. i go to and can log into it using my sbcglobal email address and pw, but when i click "mail" i am routed to another page to sign in again, which reopens to another login page and get the idea.

help me. anyone?? 15+ years with same dang email address and no issues, now I'm fodder it seems.  

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