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Thursday, June 5th, 2014 6:26 PM

How do I unmerge my Yahoo! account from my SBCGlobal account?

Sometime in 2001 I created a free Yahoo! account and used it as my primary account until sometime in 2003 when I signed up for SBC DSL Internet. During the installation and account setup I was asked if I would like to merge my Yahoo! account with my soon to be created account. I was given several incentives that looked pretty good at the time, such as more storage and the connivence of one inbox for multiple accounts, so I jumped on board.


Over the next year I gradually moved away from using my Yahoo! address as my primary and instead started using my for all of my communication. Fast forward to today.

I receive an average of 100 emails per day to my Yahoo! address, all of them are spam or solicitations of some sort. I have not used that address in any way in the past 7 years. What I would like seems fairly simple, I would like for the Yahoo! email address to go away.


Every year, when I feel like banging my head against a wall, I will call up AT&T support and ask them to help me. Rarely does the initial person I am put in contact with have any idea what I am talking about when I mention "Merged Account". This does not really surprise me since most of them were in grade school when I made this mistake. Since I am sitting here on hold I decided to try and document it this time. Like I said earlier, this is probably the 4th time in as many years that I have attempted this. Wish me luck!


Time:                    08:15 - 09:00
Phone #               (800) 288-2020
Department:         AT&T U-Verse Internet Support
Representitave:   Unknown


Started by explaining my issue and what I would like done, after he researched the problem and took over my computer, I was told it was not possible for him to correct this issue due to his limited account access. I asked him to transfer me to someone with more account access, and I was dumped into the "WebServer Support" main telephone menu.


I am not sure how this team is supposed to help me but the least thing a support representative could do was to tell me they were dumping me into a queue that would require me to start over. My expectation is that the person would stay on the line until we reached someone else, then explain why they were unable to help and to pass along any information that would be helpful.

I hung up and called technical support again.


Time:                     09:00 - 09:35
Phone #                (800) 288-2020
Department:          AT&T U-Verse Internet Support
Representative:    Noah


After discussing my issue and spending some time on hold while Noah asked around and read some support notes he stated that he could not help me and that Yahoo! support was the only one that would be able to resolve my issue. He tried to stay on the line to give the Yahoo! representative a heads up but the wait time was over an hour. Before we disconnected and he said he would provide notes in my account so that when I called back they would have record of my attempt to fix the problem. I also told him that when Yahoo! answered the phone they would state that they have no control over the AT&T accounts and they would get rid of me as soon as they could. Noah had no advice as to what to do when this happened. Im still feeling pretty good and optimistic, so I did not push to be forwarded up the chain. Who knows, maybe he is right, Yahoo! might be able to help this year.


Time:                      09:35 - 11:29
Phone #                 (800) 730-2669
Department:           Yahoo! Customer Care
Representative:      None - (I was in the queue)


While on hold for approximately 30 min. I heard some sort of message regarding a 6 digit code, I was unable to get to the phone in time to be sure what was said so I stayed next to the phone for a few seconds waiting for the message to repeat. There was no music or the recording stating that "Your call is important to us" in the background so I hit the # button. The music came back on and I figured I was back in the queue.


Time:                       11:05 - 11:20
Phone #                   (800) 730-2669
Department:            Yahoo! Customer Care
Representative:       None - (I was in the queue)


While on hold, I decided that there might have been something important about that 6 digit code so I called the same number on my cell phone to try and catch the recording. Is it just me, or is it bad form to warn customers that there is a good chance that they will be disconnected and that they will probably not be helped via the phone support number?


The message states that I was given an 8 Digit code when I sign into my Yahoo! account, so I promptly signed in and looked for some kind of code.... none was found. Since I did not enter this code I was put back into a queue, My theory at this point is that this is a different queue since the music has changed and there has not been any kind of recorded message for the past 2 hours. I think I will try AT&T support again, If I recall from past experience they will be the only ones with the ability to help me anyway. I was really just going to talk to Yahoo! so that they could check off that little box on the support script.


Time:                       11:30 - 11:45
Phone #                   (800) 288-2020
Department:            AT&T U-Verse Internet Support
Representative:       Britney


Britney had some knowledge of merged accounts but said that "They were made that way" and there was "no way" to unmerge the accounts. When I told her that that was absolutely not true she promptly stated that she would transfer me and dumped me back into the main menu for the web services department. Okay... I'll play along, I followed the prompts and chose the one regarding "Web Services" account.


Time:                       11:45 - 12:00
Phone #                   Transfer
Department:             AT&T U-Verse Internet Support
Representative:       Melissa


Melissa stated during the first few min of the call that she had successfully unmerged a few accounts in the past. I was shocked and immediately got my hopes up. I was placed on hold while she looked up a few things. It did not take long before she was back on the line stating that she would not be able to help me because the accounts were "the same". After I stated the obvious "How can the accounts be the same with different email addresses?" Melissa had a bit of trouble explaining that to me. I asked for advise on how I should proceed and she did not have an answer. I then asked what she did with problems that could not be resolved by her department. I was told that she could escalate them. I asked her to do so with my problem and I was rewarded with, "you should receive a call back between 24 and 48 hours."


Optimism is fading...


My situation is a bit different from those that i gave been able to read on these forums. I have an active account (and if it helps, I have had an account in some form or fashion since 1992) and I don't want to get rid of my sbcglobal account, instead i want my Yahoo! account to go away. Also the email address in question is the Primary Account for all of my services. Has anyone been successful in making this happen?


I appreciate that this will involve quite a bit of work, but telling me it is not possible to separate an email account on one hand while providing up-to-the-minute traffic analysis via cell phone in China on the other, seems crazy.


Thanks to all who actually read this far!




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10 years ago

Haha, that was entertaining T. I hope you have your issues resolved. I've been there and done that. Wish they'd just have one person that could handle all the things. But that is not the world we live in these days. 



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