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Friday, August 15th, 2014 10:54 PM

Faster upload speed?



I was recently looking in to upgrading my Internet with a TV/Internet bundle, but I need to know what package contains at least a 3mb/s upload speed or higher.


Our Internet speed:


Thanks for any help in advance.

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9 years ago

First is IPTV service available at your address?


The speed tiers as listed....

Max 12/1.5..........list $56

Max Plus 18/1.5... List $61

Max Turbo 24/3... List $71

POWER 45/6........ List $81


Recent over provisioning on 25M, 32M, and 55M profiles have been seeing higher.

Max Turbo reporting 29/4.5 hardwired, less wireless.

If your are  self installed (CSI) on a 13M profile you would not see over provision stats.


Max Turbo meets the requirement but believe current promotion pricing on bundles may be better for POWER (requires bonded install) saving extra $10 for 12 months.

Please note not all addresses qualify for POWER or Max Turbo, but if can get IPTV will be able to get Max Plus... Overprovisioned see 21/1.8 on average.

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