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Monday, December 17th, 2018 6:35 PM


I have 3 accounts via ATT/Yahoo email. I have recently received an email "temporarily locked your user ID" from ATT. I have changed my password for my main account but can not change it for any of the others. I can't even log into them. How can I do that (log in and change the password)? I did have some spam emails sent from one account so that is probably the source of the problems. When I sign into my main account all of my email accounts show up including a Yahoo email account. I have sent an email from a gmail account to my 3 ATT/Yahoo email accounts. I received the test email in all but 1 account. That is the account that was hacked. Gmail appears much more stable.

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5 years ago

Hi @ronseg1,

Have you been Hacked? Have a security concern? Check out our links to learn how to address you concern!

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Hope this helps!

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5 years ago

@ATTCares Why are you responding with "Have you been hacked"? There are well over a dozen people complaining about this very issue (it happened to me too) -- most of them with legacy domains like pacbell, sbcglobal, and prodigy. AT&T is using the same "It must be on your end" strategy to respond to the fact that multiple users can no longer "Switch to the newest mail." That problem, too, is reported all over this forum for the past 2-3 days, and yet AT&T told me over the phone that they knew of no other reports of the problem, and that I should contact Yahoo. (I posted about that issue here.)

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