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Sunday, March 27th, 2022 3:28 AM

email cancelled account

We have been with AT&T for 17 years. We have had the same email account for 17 years with at&t. We have been cancelling the same share plan since Nov 2019 and it will not be taken off our bill. I have called repeatedly and finally started getting everything in Chat and print. They are still billing me and from Nov 2019 to last month the difference between the shared plan and the plan they were to drop it to which is the unlimited plan for 65.00....without tax is 1700.00 owing to us. Since AT&T can't seem to get the info right and NO ONE will take it off our bill we stopped paying the bill and it got up to 1100.38. They still owe us from Nov 2019 plus tax, etc. Now by going over our bills manually the same plan the same phones the same amounts ....How do the monthly payments go up and down all the time?? Then by really going in and exploring this problem I see that we have split payments. We have our company pay half the bill and our personal account pays the other part of the bill. Now by going to payment history it shows that the bill was paid in full by both credit cards(the same ones completely) , and by manually verifying from the bank and credit card it was paid by both parties. BUT when you go to the next month then only "One" payment was paid and the other part of the bill was continued to the next month AND a late payment charge was applied to the bill too??? Then I double checked the banks and the credit card and the money was taken out of our accounts. SO when I go and try to talk to AT&T they give me the total endless run around and never get anywhere. Then I tell them that my bill is getting ready to be suspended and then I wont be able to get the error corrected?? They care?? (Edited per community guidelines) no they dont care but then give you more endless run around more so and they think they are cute doing it. Now my bill is suspended, then cancelled and I have tried and tried to mail them my chat's printed to prove we have cancelled the bill multiple times since Nov 2019 and they tell me we have no where for you to mail it to for verification. And they won"t do anything anyways because the account has to ne paid before it can be gotten into?? And we are in the middle of a (Edited per community guidelines), business (Edited per community guidelines) and our attorneys are asking for some information they need for court (Monday) and we cannot get into our account at all. Our email account to get the information for the attorneys and the bank etc. So I have countless and I mean countless chats printed to give to someone and then the AT&T agents that call you to try to work this out ALL say YOU HAVE TO PAY THE BILL BEFORE WE CAN CORRECT the ACCOUNT. And we already know the answer there??? Another lie, they arent correcting the problem but taking your money you will never get back. So working with the BBB, we all know they have other cases before us. So what else can I do while I am waiting for the BBB to help me. And going on the BBB website, AT&T in billing complaints ALONE have 38,000 plus complaints that have been handled by the BBB this year?? Is that really correct, this year? How legally are they still open for business?? I am hearing they cannot keep our email from us OR our phone numbers from us. Which I have had the same phone number too for 17 years of course. So any suggestions please?? And they have cut off my internet, ny cell, everything...And now they are telling me they sent it to collections. Well (Edited per community guidelines) they can't call me because they shut off my phone too and since they cut off the internet then I have no wifi either now. What other legal suggestions does anyone have please?? And 90% of all the agents are non-caring, hateful, smart-(Edited per community guidelines)'s that are also a part of the fraud and the run around schemes they prank on their customers. And it will be a day before I can get back to the internet if anyone has any suggestions to offer. I will answer back when i get back to the computer tmrw. And thank you anyone in advance. You have no idea the hours upon hours and hours of run around I have been put through. I am honestly going for a (Edited per community guidelines) so others don't have to go through what most of us have been going through, or have gone through already. It is such a shame because AT&T used to be such a fantastic company. An awesome company that the agents are just running it into the ground and you can't understand none of them anymore. And before anyone says anything, I am not prejudice in any form whats so ever. My two best friends are not of my skin color. They are awesome people to be honest. Anyways thank you in advance if someone has any suggestions. Have a good night. And Thank You!!! One more thing No Contract either

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