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Thursday, April 18th, 2024 12:15 AM

Can't login to account - Don't have access to old phone number

After Yahoo merged with AT&T, I can no longer log into my account. Thankfully i'm still logged into my pc when I was able to login previously so I'm able to be logged in at all. But when that login expires i'll potentially lose access to my account all together. I had contacted customer support before about this and they said that they couldn't even find a phone number in the system. On account details of AT&T. This is true I looked at their end - and there is no phone number. Yet when I try and log in, I am prompted by my old phone number needing to log in, maybe this is leftover from yahoo or something? Point is I can't login. To make matters worse i'm trying to use my cell phone to even register a number in the system -- and then i'm greeted with we don't suport this service. Point is I want to remove my old phone number that's on system so I can even log into my account. I have looked through all of the settings and there seems to be nowhere I can go to delete the old phone number as it dosen't seem to even exist in the system. Any help/advice on how to fix this would be appreciated.

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1 month ago

Hi @dragonfly273,

We understand that you’re facing difficulties logging into your AT&T account due to an old phone number associated with it. We hear you, and we'll be glad to assist you.


Firstly, please ensure that you’re using the correct User ID and password when logging in. Double-check for any typos or case sensitivity. If you’ve forgotten your ID or password, you can recover them online by visiting the Forgot ID or Forgot password pages.

We recommend resetting your email password to re-sync your account. You can reset your password using security questions or a temporary password. To reset using a temporary password:

  1. Select Forgot password.
  2. Fill out the password info.
  3. Choose security questions or temporary password and follow the prompts.
  4. Choose a temporary password and we’ll let you know where we sent it.
  5. Create your new password.

Remember to wait a full 24 hours after the reset to ensure your account fully resyncs.


To remove an old phone number associated with your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your myAT&T Profile.
  2. Sign in if prompted.
  3. Scroll down to Sign-in info.
  4. Look for the Recovery phone number section. If you see a number there, it’s assigned to your ID.
  5. Select Edit or Remove for your recovery phone.
  6. If you’re assigning or changing a number, enter the verification code sent to that number. If removing a number, follow the prompts.
  7. Save your changes.

Remember that AT&T’s system might still have remnants from the Yahoo merger, which could be causing this issue. By following the steps above, you should be able to remove the old phone number and regain access to your account. 


We hope this information helps. If you need help with anything else, let us know. We'll be happy to assist you.


Thank you for contacting us on AT&T Community Forums. 


Jennifer, AT&T Community Specialist.

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1 month ago

Reset my password for the heck of it. Regarding the AT&T account there is no phone number associated at all on my AT&T account. I don't ever think I put one in but I could be wrong. However I'm still having the same issue upon trying to login to yahoo. Every time I want to login to Yahoo on my account that I know 100% my credentials are right, i'm greeted with my old phone number.

The good news is since  i'm still am logged into my account from old cache data, there's a page where I can go to, to contact support. Well they must've updated their support system. Now it has prompts - so I have to navigate what the problem is --- and if it's not listed in their criteria then I can't do anything. I'm redirected to support articles, not even able to send out a message I need help.

Now this part is rich! Support from yahoo USED to be free. Now on yahoo's login page they do have a support number. It's paid now vs free which personally i'm not happy about, but I undertand all of that assuming i'm recieving premium support. However upon clicking contact premium support -- my acccount is not eligible for support! I can't even contact support even if I paid them because they don't even have a way to do that. Just for the record I had recieved help in the past and for this exact same e-mail so there really shouldn't be any issues.  Now I know you're not yahoo you're AT&T so i'm actually getting some support. But this is what i've been dealing with and it's bonkers.

Also about the premium service. Having premium support means you get premium suport. That's what the customer is paying for premium service! If i'm paying a worker for premium service with professionalism, that's understandable. That's what they're hired for! However I have a real problem about with the premium service option from yahoo. Not only can I not get it because my account isn't eligible which is ridiculous since i've gotten service before -- and FREE!!, but I've read online from numerous different articles of other users who have had issues with the yahoo's premium support. Their article in a nutshell is this. Customer pays, support agents run them through some basic troubleshooting steps, support can't find a solution, they go in circles never figuring out the issue wasting both parties time, to ultimately say (in a round about way) "sorry there's nothing we can do for you". Wasted money, wasted time, and no actual solutions took place fix the issue. (Flips a table). 

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