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AT&T related help: Check your AT&T email

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Tuesday, August 29th, 2023 9:43 PM

Can't find Recent Login Activity on account

Hello, I suspect someone else was able to log in to my email. I've since changed my passwords and my email is working fine now. However, I've been trying to find the login activity so I can verify if someone else actually did access my email. But I cannot find in any option in the web or mobile app that shows it to me. I have another email and I can easily find the Recent Activity in the Account, but whenever I try to do that for my account, I'm redirected to an my AT&T account page and there is no option to see Recent Activity. I've called tech support for both AT&T and Yahoo and they keep pointing the finger at each other, so at this point I'm feeling pretty hopeless, but maybe someone out there has experienced this same frustration and has some advice. Thanks!

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3 months ago

It can be challenging to track down login activity on some email accounts, especially when they are associated with multiple services like AT&T and Yahoo. Here are some steps you can try to access your email account's recent login activity:

  1. Login to AT&T Account:

    • Start by logging into your AT&T account, as your email is often associated with your AT&T account.
  2. Security or Profile Settings:

    • Once logged in, navigate to your account settings or profile settings. Look for options related to security, privacy, or account settings.
  3. Email Accounts:

    • Find the section that lists your email accounts, including There may be an option to manage or view the settings for this specific email account.
  4. Login Activity or Recent Activity:

    • Inside the email account settings, you should ideally find an option related to login activity or recent activity. This section typically shows you a history of recent logins to your email account, including IP addresses, devices, and locations.
  5. Review the Activity:

    • Once you access the login activity, review the logins to see if there are any suspicious entries or unrecognized IP addresses. This will help you determine if someone else has accessed your account.
  6. Contact Support Again:

    • If you still can't find the login activity or if it's not available in your account settings, consider reaching out to AT&T support again. Explain your issue and ask for assistance in locating the login activity for your email account.
  7. Change Password and Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA):

    • Regardless of whether you find evidence of unauthorized access, it's a good practice to change your password and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for added security.

If you are unable to find the login activity within your AT&T account settings, it's possible that they do not provide this feature for email accounts, in which case you might have limited options for verifying past logins. However, by changing your password and enabling 2FA, you can enhance the security of your account moving forward.

Remember to use strong, unique passwords and regularly monitor your email account for any unusual activity to maintain its security.

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1 month ago

Thank you for providing these detailed steps to help track down login activity for email accounts associated with AT&T. This information can be very helpful for individuals looking to secure their email accounts and monitor for any unauthorized access. Following these steps can go a long way in ensuring the security of one's email account.

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7 days ago

Hey, thanks for sharing those steps! I had no idea about checking the login activity for my email through the AT&T account settings. It's good to know how to navigate through the security and profile settings. I'll definitely give it a try to keep an eye on my account's security.

And changing the password plus enabling two-factor authentication sounds like a smart move. Better safe than sorry, right? I'll make sure to do that to add an extra layer of protection. Your post is super helpful—I appreciate the clear instructions. Cheers!

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