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Saturday, December 27th, 2014 9:02 AM

Cannot stay connected to Xbox Live on Xbox 360

I haven't had UVerse even a year yet.  I own Xbox one and Xbox 360.  Xbox one connects just fine, but 360 can't stay connected for more than a few minutes before I get disconnected from Xbox live.  I know the gateway I'm using doesn't have UPnP support. Which is the 3801HGV gateway.  I know I have to have one console off if I'm using the other to keep my NAT settings open.  But now the 360 can't stay connected.  Help?

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9 years ago

Most gamers will tell you you need a minimum MBps to game on line. What kind of speed do you get at the Xbox? If you are running other devices in the house your bandwidth is split and the xbox 360 isn't getting enough.
We dumped the sad 18 Mbps from Uverse and went back to Cox with 100 Mbps bandwidth. Plenty to split now.
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