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Thursday, May 25th, 2017 5:59 PM

Cannot send mail to,,, or any AT&T domains. Please help!

Hello AT&T Admin and/or Postmaster,


Over the past week, any emails sent to,,, or any AT&T domains from my company's mail server have been rejected/blocked. When checking our domain/hostnames through places like MXToolbox, we are not listed on any searchable blacklists as being blocked. 


We've forwarded multiple emails to as instructed per the rejection/blocked emails without any responses from the AT&T Postmaster staff whatsoever. It has been well over the estimated 48 hours which many of the auto-response emails stated our problems would be resolved, yet the same issues still occur.
After searching online, we have tried to reach several urls related to this, however, none of them resolve and cannot be found as if they no longer exist:


Can someone please provide some more information and possibly a resolution in regards to this problem? At the very least, is there a support number we can call, as emailing is leading to nothing but dead-ends. This is affecting our business negatively, throwing off our users work flow and productivity, and tarnishing the company's reputation with our clients/consultants.


Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.




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