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Thu, Mar 23, 2017 9:35 PM

Canceling DSL w/ merged sbc & yahoo email addresses & sub-account. How do I keep email addresses?

I have a messy situation and nothing I've read seems to fit my situation. And since I can't reverse an action (ex., un-merging), it seems like I'd better get it right the first time.  Hoping I can find a solution here.


My primary account has merged with Under is an unmerged sub-account  When I cancel DSL, how do I

(1) keep the primary and subaccount email addresses and

(2) be able to change those passwords later down the road if needed with no AT&T account? 

I'm okay with tossing


Some say to unmerge name1@sbc with name2@yahoo, so I keep name2@yahoo. But others say when I unmerge, I'll lose the name3@sbc subaccount email address.  I can make a name3@yahoo as an alternate but companies know me as name3@sbc, so I really need to keep the name3@sbc subaccount email address.

Others say if I don't unmerge, I'll lose access to both primaries name1@sbc with name2@yahoo.


Help?  Thanks.


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Hi @MergeUnmerge,


They are correct in that your subaccount will be deleted too. To unmerge the accounts, the only way to do so is by deleting the AT&T E-mail account. When doing this, it will delete the account along with all the subaccounts. This will leave the account as the standalone account. We apologize as there does not seem to be a way to keep the account as a standalone account, and account. However, as long as you cancel your account in good standings, all your E-mail accounts will remain active and working.





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Thanks for confirming!  So, I should just leave everything as is, and the only issue will be how to change the password of the merged email address without an AT&T login, right?


There's so much info out there with different answers since most don't have the exact same config (and there might have been policy changes over the years), so again thanks so much!






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Try contacting the ATT digital assistance dept  to help with unmerging your accounts.  DO NOT use ATT online chat to have them delete the sbc account to try to unmerge the accounts.   I lost access to my accounts by going that route.  I lost access for  3 weeks and spent many hours on the phone with the digital assistance dept to get the yahoo account restored.  They initially told me to go to yahoo for help but I kept being persistent and got someone from ATT to help me out.  


Another suggestion is to export your contacts/address book and forward important emails just in case goes wrong and you lose access.


Good luck and report back on how the unmerge goes.  I have some other sub accounts I need to get unmerged as well but am nervous losing access to them.  



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