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Sunday, March 26th, 2023 4:09 PM

Best way to put a VPN on bgw210 router

I’m looking to add a VPN to my home network. What’s the best way to do that?

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2 months ago

Att does not support VPN on their gateway.  You’ll have to do research and buy a personal router that supports what you want and then will need to put your gateway into IP passthrough mode. 

Alternatively you can just run a VPN client on the devices that need it (if possible).   


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2 months ago

The first question I would have is what you mean by "add a VPN to your home network?"  Are you trying to create access to be able to have access to the resources in your home from outside your home, or do you want traffic originating inside your home to utilize a VPN to reach resources on the Internet without having to create the VPN connection from each client?

Either way, the BGW210 isn't going to do it.  You'll need some other device, such as a router, to do this for you.


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2 months ago

One option is to set up a VPN on your router. This will allow all devices connected to your home network to automatically connect to the VPN, without the need for individual installations on each device. Some routers come with built-in VPN functionality, while others may require you to install custom firmware. Keep in mind that setting up a VPN on your router can be complex and may require some technical know-how.

Another option is to install a VPN client on each device you want to use on your home network. This can be a simpler solution if you only need to use the VPN on a few devices. Many popular VPN providers offer apps for a variety of devices, including desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Regardless of which option you choose, it's important to choose a reputable VPN provider that offers strong encryption, a no-logs policy, and fast and reliable connections. Additionally, keep in mind that using a VPN may slow down your internet speeds, so it's important to choose a provider that offers fast servers.

Overall, adding a VPN to your home network can be a great way to improve your online security and privacy. Just be sure to do your research and choose a solution that best fits your needs.

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