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Thu, Dec 9, 2021 9:36 PM

att / currently /yahoo mail, periodically cannot find emails in inbox and /or sent

Problems on and off for the last month or more problems using google chrome accessing emails from att/currently/yahoo mail


will not show any emails in inbox or sent. Also at times  it cannot reload the body and attachments from prior emails. It says try again and after it fails again, it says try later.

Also on occasions it can take over five minutes "sending email" when it has  only a small (<2MB) attachment while other websites will load just fine.

When I experience these issues, I can go to my cell phone email app and gain access to these emails without delay.

I have many folders and 19 years of emails under this email address, but well under 1TB of total data. 

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I have a similar problem with my email. I can sign into web mail account, that is no problem.

Frequently through large parts of the day 5-6 hours, just about every day, I cannot” load “ a certain number emails in my “Inbox” and read them, while other emails load to be read . I mean, the emails are showing in the Inbox, but clicking on and loading them does not work. Or ,I cannot send an email I have written, even without attachment. I have to wait until 4 hours later to send it. Or, I cannot view my entire “sent” folder, or “spam” folder. Frequently, I cannot even attach the smallest attachment, as the email will not go out with it.

This problem has gotten worse and worse day by day since November 2021 for me.

I have done all that I can do to eliminate a problem on my end. Two computers (windows 10) used , four browsers, all browsers reset , cache and cookies cleaned. Internet speed checked, it is OK. ATT reports no down status. So what is it?

My email address is my official business mail, So yes, it is a huge problem that I cannot send emails in a timely manner. I have called ATT today as I also have internet with them. The representative had no solution at this time. He said , ATT will get back to me. I have to say, I will be surprised if they do. But maybe they will. ATT used to have a direct “email support” back when the mail was still part of the subscription. I do not think they do anymore, or do they?

Does anyone have some feedback. How many other people have the problem?


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We're here to help with your email inquiry, @Kate44!


Do you get this error when attempting to open emails using our Currently website? We ask this because if you are using another program to access your email could be causing the issue.


We look forward to hearing from you!

CalebP, AT&T Community Specialist

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