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Thursday, April 8th, 2021 4:37 AM

Access Mail on Iphone with sbcglobal.net extention

We contacted ATT support numerous times about another issue. They fixed not being able to download McAfee on Desktop, but immediately after they fixed it, I stopped receiving emails on my phone. They made me change password. I changed password on phone but it's not taking. I deleted account and tried to add it back and it's not working. I get error "pop.att.yahoo.com" on port 995 timed out" The tech said you can still get emails on your desktop so you're good. What if I travel? My daughter pinned the att.yahoo.com website to my homepage on my phone so I can log in via safari but I have to log in every single time. I see people have been having this problem for over year. Here are the settings I am trying to use. It won't work using add yahoo account via mail app anymore and it won't work using "other" on the mail app. I've had this email almost 20 years, so many contacts and business relationships to lose if I start from scratch. Anyone that can help me?

incoming mail pop.att.yahoo.com

outgoing mail smtp.att.yahoo.com

I am beyond frazzled. Who do I even call this time?


3 months of never ending battles. My husband passed away Dec 20th. We are both ATT retirees. It took 2 months and presidential complaint to get them to change the internet account over to my name, they talked me into switching to fiber at that time also, set a date in Feb to install (they called to confirm) they were coming and then didn't show up. We waited all day. Then we called in late afternoon and they said they are about an hour away. Nobody came. Called back, they said we show you as self install. Impossible. Fiber doesn't even run to our house. Guy comes 2 weeks later and says he has to bury line. That gas, electric and water have to come out and mark ground first. None of the above show up. Another presidential complaint, it took another week and finally we got fiber installed, but speeds are not right. Son is outside ATT tech, looked at it said it could be box.  The changed box, still not working. Call the presidential complaint and they did something on their end that fixed the speed issues. Beginning of the week both the computers I own said our McAfee subscription was expiring that we had to re-download. Tried but it said I was authorized to downloads. I kid you not over 8 -1/2 hours of tech talk. I was even hung up on after one 15 min call. I am 76 years old. I had to get someone to come over to talk to them. I am not tech savvy. My daughter has a masters in computer science. She did most of the 8 hours of talking. It turns out they did not have my husband removed completely and there was no designated prime account holder listed. They fixed it on one computer, but when we tried to do the next computer we got error messages, so had to do another 2 hours on phone. Again my husbands account was still in one part of system. I have cried so many times, this is so much to deal with after his death. Not to mention non phone ATT mishandling of his life insurance that took 4 months to receive. This is still not over, now that I cannot get into my email on phone, ever since they worked on my account. I spent ANOTHER hour on phone with tech and he said that there are 5 to 6 thousand people with same issue but don't know when it will be fixed. I said why does my grandson's sbglobal email work? He was like uh uh what kind of phone. I said iphone 12, he said that's why it only affect iphone 6-8? He had me change my cellphone accounts password for 3rd time. The last email I received on my phone was at the same time they were working on downloading McAfee. Coincidence? I think not. I don't understand how ATT still has customers. They do not care about their retirees.

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3 years ago

Try adding again using “other” but first setup a secure mail key to use as the password. Other sbcglobal.net users having issues have reported that worked. Info on how to create a secure mail key is here:


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3 years ago

We're here to help, @mmemommy 


Thank you for that information @sandblaster 


Our expert is correct anytime you are using any third party email apps you may have to set up a secure mail key


A secure mail key is a 16 digit passcode that will take place of your password and is required to access your email through mail apps.


Let us know if this helps. 


Deandra, AT&T Community Specialist 

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