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Sat, Oct 26, 2019 1:34 PM

About email security email

I used to have att internet service, but we don't any longer, however I still have my email account that

I access through Thunderbird client on my desktop and through default Samsung S7 email client on my mobile,

a email account I access on my mobile or web, and my wife has a email account via web.

I still have a valid login, but the login id is different than my email account. I never understood that and never

got that account sync thing working.

    This secure key vs oauth is confusing. When I got to the att help from that email I received, it points me to log into account.

Do I have to do involve the account to get my and email accounts working with oauth or secure key?




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How you deal with the account is between you and yahoo (although I believe they support secure mail keys too but they call it there application passwords).  I don't know if yahoo is making that mandatory or not.


The OAuth2/secure mail key stuff is only for email client apps accessing att email accounts.  If you elect to use a secure mail key you need to get into myAT&T to create one.  Can you still do that if you are no longer a paying customer? 


Note, I believe you are going to have to use a secure mail key for your Thunderbird since from what I read yahoo doesn't accept OAuth2 authentication from Thunderbird.



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I downloaded yahoo email app for my s7 phone and I added my yahoo account. There was nowhere to specify any

of this security related prompts or anything. Maybe it got configured for me; who knows. And when creating

my att email account, it sent me to the same myatt web site like the default S7 client.

I was going to try to use the yahoo email client hoping it was the best way to eventually get this security mandate

sorted out, but then the app starting spamming me with advertising. So then come to find out, there's a "pay for" yahoo

email pro. No thank you. It is further odd that installing the yahoo email client doesn't mention a word about enhanced security...

whether it's enabled or that I should enable it. If yahoo is not involved in this, then the email sent to me I think should have said

"ATT" only and not mention the word yahoo. I say again how disorganized and pathetic this enhanced security roll out is.

Or is this a test run? Am I one of the few unlucky who received the email just to torture me and see how I'd react to magnified





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Most email apps try to use auto discovery to configure the email account and I'm unsure what Yahoo requires. Do you have two step security login enabled for your Yahoo account? I have experienced the ads on the Yahoo app which is unfortunate. Like AOL, Yahoo is owned by Verizon so ads are expected. My Yahoo mail works great on Outlook for iphone. Have you given that a try? Also, Blue Mail is pretty good as well.

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