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Tuesday, October 20th, 2015 11:16 AM

100 mbps to modem, 32 max from modem. Comedy of errors.

I've been with ATT for over 10 yrs happily but this is a classic.

I called to get a rate reduction and was offered a promo for $50- less a month and double internet speed (45mbps) which required a new modem. Fine.

Saturday they show up. Lines were great but required updated line and had to run cable accross my back yard. Fine. Realized the modem I had was adequate but changed it out anyways.

No service (Saturday Night, party about to happen etc.). Had to order an outside tech to come. 

Sunday (8:00 a.m.) another tech shows up. Changed out the cards at the node and got it working but with just 22 mpbs at the highest but up an running.

Tuesday, inside tech shows up. Tweeked the channels through the i.p. address and got a little better. Changed the modem. Same result. Changed back to the original style modem (more reliable), same result.


The ? is that I have 100 mbps going into the modem but at most I get 32 mbps from it hard line or wireless. Nothing on or near to interfere. ATT cannot figure it out and it's been forwarded to their engineering team....

Any ideas out there?


And by the way.... line still laying in yard!!!!!!!!!!!! 

P.s. all techs were awesome. This is just frustrating.



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9 years ago

I know this does not actually help your situation, but thought I'd help with a little info about speeds and terms.

Even if it's internal, a modem uses an ethernet connection to hook you up to the internet. (A router is an extra step, but essentially, the same connection.

typically, it works at a 100 mbps connection between your modem/routher/gateway, whichever. Basically, it is the speed that the computer communicates with the connection device, and has little bearing on your modems speed. Mind you, it does make for better throughput. (The overall speed data moves back and forth through your entire home network.)


If you have a wi-fi connected device, it's signal works at it's own connection speed. I mention that, only as a point of information... not important if you don't have wi-fi.


The upline from your moden is about the only one ATT can really work on. AND, it sounds like they are.


There is another user, @my thoughts, who works for ATT, and did what i thought was an excellent description of the various kinds of connections and equipment ATT uses in differant customer service markets.


Typically, a service is hired to do the cable burial. Can take a little time for the service to actually show up. In my case, it was two weeks. It was also only 5 feet of cable that needed burying. (shrug)


This may, or may not help, but if you don't already have it, replacing existing house wiring with cat 5 cable can improve your your seriveses signal quality.


You know, I've never asked this before, but I am wondering.. I have dsl service not u-verse.. Does U-verse need to use line noise filters to keep signal crossover from data to voice, or is that just a legacy dsl thing?  Never thought to ask before..  and a bad filter (on dsl) CAN screw up and slow down your data signal.


In any case, I dearly hope they get you right, soon.


Another thought occours to me..  if you have u-verse tv (or any other services for that matter) it will take it's slice out of your overall internet speed.

They probably would have mentioned this if it was a factor, but the NID (the box on the cornet) has a line shared by all the other customers connected and using their service at the same time.

My point, it might be interesting to do speed tests at non-peak times, just to see if you get differant numbers. If nothing else, it's at least another piece of information about the quality of your service.

Me, I'm stuck as 6 mbps tops, so I'm not one to brag about line speed. But, it works, and does most of what I need it for.

Okay, enough rambling.

Hope some of this was of actual use to you.



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9 years ago

Thanks  Tigereyze209 for the detailed response. I do have uverse for t.v. and works well. I wasn't aware it robbed speed. I ran numerous speed tests throughout 2 laptops and many i-devices a thousand times at different times with results of 17-30 mbps. This is crap as I am paying for 45 (all be it a discounted rate).

I should have left well enough alone. They are stumped as well am I.

I used to have ATT dsl and I feel your pain. Although the jump from dial up was huge, it's horrible compared to todays standards. 

There is no filter like the dsl (external) unless it's internal in the gateway/modem.

About the line, the order was put in twice and once an inside tech showed up clueless. That's annoying. 

I'll post if anything else changes. Thanks again.



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9 years ago

I noticed you mentioned they changed out cards in your node.. Aparently, the thing to ask for is something they call type "N" cards.

Supossedly, they are a good thing, if you can get them.

I honestly have no clue, and thats WAY over my head, since I don't have u-verse, and never had to deal with the installs.

I talked to some folks who say u0verse MAY be comming to my neighborhood some day.. I honestly have no clue if i'd prefer it over my home phone/dsl service, or not.

thanks for the update.  It does make it easier for the gurus to sugest stuff which might help.



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9 years ago



Can you please post your line stats by going to in your browser and clicking on either the "Broadband" page for Motorola/Arris gateways or the "Settings"->"Broadband"->"Status" for 2Wire/Pace? Post noise margin, attenuation, max rate, sync rate.

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