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Sunday, May 21st, 2017 5:41 PM

Your thoughts and opinion?

Why did i choose at&t u verse? 1, because i was living with my mother, she had it. it worked fine. 2, because i had at&t as my cell phone carrier so i figured it would be easy to pay them both on one bill.


so i work across the street from an at&t business, the same place i started my cell phone plan. i went in there and told them i wanted to start my internet plan at my new apartment. they told me i couldn't because the person who lived there before me already has it there and i would have to contact them and tell them to cancel it before i can start mine. i said okay... i told the manager person at my new apartment and she told me i only had to show them the leasing papers with my name on it and it should be fine. it made sense to me so i went back to the at&t and showed them. and again, i was denied.


okay... so a few days later i decide to go to my friends place and look online. i called the number on the at&t website and tried again to get the plan started. i explained to the customer service rep. on the phone what happened when i was at the store location and why i was not able to get it but he said he would take care of it. awesome guy. he did his thing and he got my email and i got a confirmation email with the time and date of when the installation would be done. it would be one week from that day... when the day came, no one showed up... i checked my email again and i saw a few days after he took my order, i got an email saying they couldn't do it. i rarely use my email. this was very disappointing . one thought i had was that he asked if he could call me on this number if the phone got cut off for any reason, and i said yes. i assume it was because they didn't want to lose a sale, but i guess that was not the case or he would have called me and try to work something out.



so i tried a third time a few days later. this time, i went on at&t website and i was able to chat with a customer service rep. again, i explained to the csr what happened on my first and second attempt to start the plan. this csr again, was very awesome. she apologized and said she would take care of it. on top of that, she offered to waive the installation fee. very awesome. so i gave her my email address and again, i got another confirmation email with the time and date they would arrive. this time it was only 2 days i had to wait... soo an hr b4 they were suppose to arrive, i got a call saying they couldnt do it because of the same reason, the person that lived there before... they told me they will take care of it and will send someone another day. i asked for an estimated day and she said they would email me. i wait 3 hrs and still no email. so i drove to my buddies place to use his computer again and contacted the on line chat for at&t. i explained them them again what happened


so this time they asked if they could call me on my cell phone so the supervisor can take care of it. she asked me for the number of my landlord so she can verify i am the new tenant. it was a long process, but i was okay with it, i was just glad this was being taken care of. i got a confirmation email with the new time and date for someone to come and setup the internet. this time, someone actually came.


when the dude came to set everything up, he was chill. he did his thing. when he was done, he went over my internet plan and gave me an at&t log in account for stuff. he told me i had an internet plan with home phone bundle. i was not aware of this, i never said anything about wanting a home phone. so he told me to call a number he had. i told them i dont use a house phone and am not planning to ever. they explained to me they hooked me up with a deal to save some money. they said i would be saving money with the bundle on my bill and to cancel the home phone when the one year plan was over. and i believed them. i figured that was cool after all i've been through. this awesome plan they hooked me up with for home phone and  internet 25 mbps was only $67/month


if anyone has any suggestions as to what i can/should do or if anything on this second part, i would much appreciate it.


i was happy to have internet again. i set up automatic payments so i didn't have to worry about missing a payment/late payments. never had any problems with the internet, so i didn't hear from you guys for a full year. so i've been busy and i might have gotten alittle too comfortable with automatic payments and i forgot i was suppose to cancel the phone bundle after one month has past. so instead of paying $67/month for 25 mbps, i was now paying $115/month. so i got online and chatted with a csr on the website. they told me they will take off the home phone and give me a partial credit on my bill for the remainder of time that i didnt use on the home phone. i also asked if i could get credit on last months bill for the home phone too because i did not use the home phone ever sinse i had the plan. he said he couldnt do it for reasons . i asked to speak to his manager on the phone. he wasnt too happy with my request i can tell by the tone of his voice. but i got him to say yes. and he quickly got off the phone with me. i was told it would show on my next bill. well my next bill i was charged $105. it seems i only got the partial credit for my home phone bill. i waited another month and i was charged $115. they didnt take off the home phone bundle as they said they were. i went online to chat with them again. they were happy to take off the home phone plan but when i requested for credit for the previous months i felt was overcharged, i can already feel the negative energy on the other side of the phone line. i spoke to the manager on the phone again, im sure it was the same manager that i didnt help me the month before because of his strong accent. and again, i can tell hes not happy with my request. he said he would give me the maximum refund allowed. i knew that was a lie but just agreed with him. i was done. i didnt want to waste anymore time. so i was over charged 4x @ $40 but i only received a credit one time for $30. soo my new internet bill is 60/month, less than the awesome introductory promotion they hooked me up with when i started my contract. i started looking around at other internet provider prices and i questioned why i didnt get a better introductory offer. if my bill would be less without the home phone bundle? again, the whole year i had the bundle, one one used a home phone at my place. as what i told the csr over the phone


i just wanted to share my experience i had with anyone willing to listen, moreover i just needed to vent. because this has been bothering me. thank you if u came this far.



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7 years ago

I have had problems with AT&T in the past over similar circumstances. Your best bet is to keep a recording and copies of online chats etc. because legally in most states whatever a representative of that company promises IS legally binding. It's a pain dealing with small claims courts, but believe me the judges are more often irritated with the big companies for wasting their time.



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7 years ago

Yes I have had basically the same experience.  They promised me a great discount bundle when I actually didn't want a bundle, just internet, but they said they could only give me that price with the bundle.  Later I was the one who got charged the bundle when they were unable to install it in my building.... Many times on the phone for many hours of promises I am still being overcharged and the proper plan that I was supposed to get in March is still not in place.  Then they charge me more fees for this, while saying everything is taken care of.  Seems like when they hang up the phone with you the promises get changed by someone else who reviews it without letting you in on it.  Those are the surprises I got too in the form of bills that were incorrect.....

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