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Thu, Aug 1, 2019 1:39 AM

speed test result is completely off?

sorry if this is posted in the wrong section idk where it goes

hi, i have a really weird issue going on.

so basically, my dad pays for the 5mbps internet or whatever, and supposedly we get like 7 mbps for some reason. keep in mind that we dont need higher speeds because we have unlimited data. (computers and smart home devices still require the house wifi whatsoever)

however, sometimes when i do a speedtest the result goes from 7 to 16, and today its 30. when the speedtest result is off (faster than 7) the internet generally becomes unusable (cannot surf internet even though 30 mbps is faster than the 7 mbps)

can anyone explain why the speed test result is so much faster (but unusable) than what we are supposed to get?


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a year ago

Reboot modem if this does not work, Factory reset it via the red button in the end.

And give a look to the cable that goes from the wall to your modem if its loose

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