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Wed, Jul 7, 2021 7:14 PM

Speed slow compared to other services in area.

I live in Crownridge area of San Antonio and only have access to 25 mbps as the top tier for internet  according to my address.   Is there any possibility of increasing service soon in my area.  

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3 m ago

Internet 25 is part of Fiber To The Node (FTTN) speed tiers comprised of 100/20, 75, 20, 50/10, 45/6, 25/5, 25/2.... depending on the facilities available and your copper loop length (distance) from those facilities determines best speed ATT can offer.

Less than 24 million addresses have FTTN, however it is currently the leading internet service that ATT provides with ADSL2+ next offering internet 18/1 or less (10, 5, 3, 1.5, .76) to about 19 million addresses.

Over the last 5 years (2016 to end 2020) ATT has provided direct fiber FTTP With up to internet 1000 to over 15 million addresses within 90+ markets in 21 state footprint. The company is increasing this by almost 50% adding 7 million fiber addresses during the 2021-2022 buildout. At the start of 2023 should have fiber as the leading internet source with 22+ million addresses, FTTN less than 20 million, and ADSL2_ even less. This will bring about 35% (better than 1 in 3) to having fiber... if the upgrades continue during the next several years will hopefully be at 50% fiber by end of 2025.

Will you address be upgraded? Unknown, ATT does not make public future expansion plans, therefore you need to decide based upon current options who to use for service, with the knowledge can always change providers in the future if your options change. 


Provides a list of ISPs by area (zip code), that may or may not service your address. 

There is a better chance of having ATT Fiber option if Google Fiber is also available at address, neighborhood. 

For zip code 78256 ...

ATT Fiber shows 99% coverage,

Goggle Fiber 96% coverage

GVTC Fiber at 68% coverage

enTouch Fiber at 6% coverage

Plus (2) cable companies at various coverages. 

May need to consider moving to another address as no zip code that I am aware of has 100% ATT Fiber, with 99% coverage, I would not be waiting for filling in the holes. 

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