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Tue, Dec 1, 2020 5:06 AM

Significantly slower internet speed

We recently upgraded our plan to the 75 plan, which entails internet speeds of around 75 Mbps. Initially, we did experience a significant improvement in internet speeds, but after a few months, we noticed a sudden decrease in performance. Currently, our internet speed is standing at around 15 Mbps. We tried restarting our modem/router and relocating our devices; however, we have not seen any improvements. 


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2 months ago

Gateway model?

Internet 75 is a bonded pair service requiring 2 lines, access the gateway stats using should see each line, if balanced, with about 45/11 for a total of 90/22.

If total is good, what about using the Smart Home Manager app to run internal speed test with no other devices in use, results?

Check the wifi settings of the gateway, are both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz enabled, for faster speeds need to be on the 5Ghz wifi if using a wireless connection.

Speed tests measure what is available, if the device is hardwired, or wireless on 5G... turn all other devices off so no bandwidth is being used, especially uploading such as drop box, cameras, P2P, etc. 

Reports findings, thank you...

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