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Mon, Jul 26, 2021 7:26 PM

Miserable DSL offerings

Currently the only internet provider to my address is AT&T, and the only plans offered are DSL with speeds "up to" 5 Mbps for $70/month. Meanwhile, other addresses in the neighborhood on different streets (and only a couple hundred yards away) are offered speeds of 50Mbps for less cost.  This is absurd.  Who do we contact or petition to in order to get faster internet access ?

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1 年前

A realtor or online to find a different location to move to that has the speeds you desire...

To help, 25% of all fiber addresses are apartment / condo complexes...

Speeds from 25 to 100 are UVERSE FTTN service deployed from 2006 to end 2015 reaching 33 million addresses within then footprint.

ADSL2+ service with speeds up to 18 were deployed (upgraded from LEGACY DSL) during this same time frame affecting 24 million addresses.

How to know if your part of the UVERSE project upgrades during this time frame... if you have 1T data cap you have UVERSE service. Legacy DSL has 150G data cap. 

Since 2016 upgrades have been direct fiber currently offering speeds of 300, 500 or 1000 depending on what your willing to pay for. ATT reached 15+ million addresses with FTTP direct fiber over 5 years (2016 to end 2020) with another 7 million planned for during 2021-2022 build out. By 2023 this will be 22 million addresses with direct fiber or about 1 out of 3 (32-35%) meaning 2/3 will still have same choices as have today.

I believe (hope) ATT will continue the fiber build out till end of 2025 (10 year build) and will reach 30+ million addresses by start of 2026, this will be less than 50% of all hardwired addresses and does not include the 20% of addresses (15 million) that will only be cellular hotspot services. 

My estimate (guessing for growth rate by 2026) using 76+ million total addresses within 21 state footprint 

Direct Fiber FTTP  of 30.5 million would be 40% of all addresses OR 50% of all hardwired addresses (61 million)

FTTN VDSL (speeds of 25-100) would be around 15.2 million or 20%

ADSL2+ speeds of 18 or less would be 15.2 million or 20%

No hardwired service, only cell tower would be 15.2 million or 20%

edit...  note that FTTP and FTTN would provide 60% of all addresses with internet 25 or better.

Just my thoughts...


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1 年前

I appreciate you taking the time to respond, but nothing that you posted addresses the intent of my question. I am not interested in selling my property to move somewhere with a higher quality ISP, nor is that a reasonable suggestion to give to someone that is looking for information.  I am interested in finding out who to contact within AT&T to improve the current internet service provided.   Thank you

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