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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 10:08 AM

Internet Continues To Lose Connection

I have a BGW210-700 router. The AT&T internet keeps disconnecting atleast around 5 times in average at different times of the day for almost 3 weeks now.

Its very frustrating while one is in the meeting (when you are the meeting host) to reconnect after 3 minutes. Today the network tried to reconnect the zoom 3 times on the same meeting. 
I do not have any extenders or any other router.

Can someone help or replace with a better router?
If not I need to look at the alternatives.


Thank you from now


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1 y ago

We can help with those connection issues, @Betty717. That's a whole lot of internet drops per day. We definitely want to help you get this fixed.


We do have questions to better understand the problem:

  1. What color are the lights on your BGW210 when the Internet drops? Particularly the Broadband and Power lights: do they both stay green, or do either of them turn red?
  2. Does the internet drop for all devices at once? Or only certain devices?
    • If it’s only certain devices: are they all connected via Wi-Fi? If so, does the Internet drop for devices connected via Ethernet?
  3. Does your Internet reconnect automatically? Or do you have to do something like restart your Gateway?
    • If it is automatic, how long does it take?

If this is a Wi-Fi only problem, use this article to check your modem environment. There may be another device or electronic interfering with your signal. We’d also recommend accessing Smart Home Manager and choosing the “Scan for Better Wi-Fi” option. There may be signal interference on the channel


We're here to help, @Betty717. Please get back to us when you can.


Genevieve, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 m ago

thanks ..

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