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Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 7:07 PM

How do I file complain?

To be frankly, you guys are the worst company ever.

This is Christopher L
Order Date: 04/22/2017
DIRECTV Order Confirmation Number: 
DIRECTV Account Number: 
I currently have my wireless account with AT&T. Account number is 

I called three times on 04/22/2017 in regard to phone + TV + internet bundle.
First time I called to check if there are bundle available for me in my area. Someone transferred me to a specialist, and a male specialist assisted me.

I made myself very clear, I need a bundle for TV, phone, and internet, and my current internet speed is 200 MB cable with Spectrum.

This representative told me, you guys don't have U-verse in my area, but AT&T can have Frontier provide internet service with 70MB FIOS.

I asked him, how is 70MB fios faster than 200MB cable. Your specialist give me bunch of scientific facts and tried to convince me the FIOS is faster.

Your representative told me that he needed to run my credit score for both AT&T and FIOS before he can provided further information.

I asked again, are you sure FIOS is available for my home, and he said yes. Therefore, I agreed to run the credit check.

My girlfriend was checking with Frontier, and Frontier told her that FIOS services isn't available in my area.

I asked your reprehensive again if he's sure 70MB fios is available in my area, and he said yes and tried to convince me to sign up right away.

I refused.

I called Frontier myself and confirmed that they don't provide FIOS service in my area.

I called AT&T again to double confirmed again, and another make specialist told me that he doesn't know why Frontier told me there is no FIOS service in my area, but he's 100% confidence the FIOS service is available.

After an hour, I called AT&T the third time, an female specialist assisted me this time.

I specifically told her my needs again. four TVs, one phone line with my current number, and 200MB cable internet or faster/ close speed

She said no problem. few minutes after, she told me she can only provide 7BM FIOS with Frontier, but 7MB FIOS is faster than 200MB cable since FIOS is more advanced technology.

I triple checked with her that she's 100% sure it's FIOS service and it's available for my address, and why she says the service is available when Frontier told me not available.

she said she checked my address three times and 100% sure it's available.

she ran my credit score again and asked me if I want to sign up right now

I trusted her because she was nice and patient, so I agreed to signed up

she told me she is going to give me a bundle price, $120ish pre month for 24 months including four TVs, one home phone, and one internet.

also promised me that we are going to receive $200 amazon gift card, even asked me what am I going to do with the gift card.

I asked again, so it's four TVs, home phone without changing my number, and it's FIOS internet.

she said yes.

I called FIOS after your representative set up everything and installation for me.

Frontier technician supervisor and sales supervisor told me. THEY DON'T HAVE FIOS IN DIAMOND BAR, and 7MB is definitely not FIOS, it can only be DSL.

The lowest speed for FIOS is at least 50/50 MB

Even though there is a 7BM FIOS, it won't be faster than 200BM for sure.

I called back AT&T right after to cancel all the order I placed, and AT&T cannot find out which carrier your representative placed my phone service with?

and it's not even a bundle at all??

Your representative gave me wrong information about the services you guys are able to provide, check my credits FOUR TIMES, and use wrong facts about the internet speed to mislead me and tricked me into signing up.
the worst part is, you guys have no idea who you people place my service with???


I online chatted with this representative name Michael (username is ce237q and user ID is 42300016), asked for email address to file complain

he told me there is no email team to handle this kinda issue, and he insist I need to call you guys at 1-800-288-2020 for some support team.

I explained it that I have to during day time, and there is no way I am going to ditch work to deal with you guys. It's not like you guys are going to pay for my salary while I am ditching work to deal with the issue you guys created.

Still, he has no other solution for me but forcing me to ditch work and call you people.

Please provide me your business liability insurance company name and policy number
I am going to have attorney to resolve this issue for me     [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]

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7 years ago

Hello @wishyou4ever

We are sorry to read of your experience with getting service and will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include:


  • Name
  • Account number or service address
  • Phone number and the best time to reach you


Once we have your account details be looking for an email to the email associated with your forum ID or a call at a provided contact number.



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6 years ago

I have had similar experiences. The people who talk or chat with are friendly and usually seem to want to help, but often they do not. I have asked ATT why they changed a price on me suddenly, and they were not able or willing to answer me. I asked for some "higher up" to get in contact with me, and no one ever did. My own feeling is that ATT's middle and upper management do not really care much about customer complaints, and expect lower management to handle all problems.  Another beef I have, and no one cared to explain the reasons, are the product pricing and bundle deals. A price is advertised, but when you see the details you find that it is for two year deal where the price will increase substantially after the first year! Other companies do this also. My feeling is that if any company cares about its customers and wants to keep them, they won't nearly double the cost after 12 months. It is a con job to trap someone into getting a product and/or bundle, say at $80 a month, then after 12 months screw the customer they expect to be loyal by charging $145 ....  Why not be sincere from the start and simply say the cost is $100, for example?



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6 years ago



Wow if this actually was the official AT&T customer sales and service number these reps committed major fraud.


AT&T does NOT resell/broker Frontier/Verizon FiOS to consumers. You were clearly LIED to and if you have any information on those sales reps that spoke to you consider filing a complaint with your state's attorney general office, the FCC, and or 

the consumer bureau in your location. 

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