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Thu, May 23, 2019 2:59 AM

Fixed Wireless Internet Service and Work At Home Call Center Jobs Issue

I am trying to get a call center work at home job. You have to have a fast internet service via cable or DSL.

Unfortunately for me in my area, ATT's fastest DSL available is like 5-7 Mbps download speed when you have to have at least 25 Mbps download speed for these types of jobs.

So, I now have ATT Fixed Wireless Internet which is fast enough for these jobs, HOWEVER, I just learned that due to it's not cable or DSL and it's "wireless", I cannot get the job I really want and need.

So, as a customer who has been with ATT for over 20 years, I need HELP! I need something to be done, I have your Fixed Wireless Internet, I have your DirecTV, and I still have your old Landline service as well.

So, I'm a good customer, I pay my bills on time and I'm loyal. I am expecting some loyalty to one of your long time customers.

Please help me out and tell me what can be done here to make the Fixed Wireless Internet secure enough for these kinds of jobs OR make Fiber Optic service available to those of us in smaller or rural areas.


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3 m ago

Unfortunately, if AT&T doesn't have a certain service available in your area, there's really nothing they can for you. If you're serious about wanting a certain type of job that requires a particular internet connectivity, you're going to have to look at available competitor products, or relocate to an area that has the needed service.

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3 m ago

2yo post bumped with (now deleted) spam.  Closed.

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