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Tue, Dec 18, 2018 4:13 PM

Fixed Wireless Internet - availability in area

In my area we do not have any high speed internet options whatsoever, no cable, no DSL, nothing. I don't even have the option of a hard line telephone, so even dial up is out of the question! However, we do have several bars of cell service. I was recently talking with one of my coworkers, who lives up the road from me, and he just had AT&T fixed wireless installed 4 months ago at his address. So I came online to sign up, but the website says not available in my area, which doesn't make sense, considering other people in this area have already had it successfully installed. So just out of curiosity, my coworker and I plugged in his address to check availability, and it says not available at his address! Same for the houses on both sides of him. But he already has it installed there and using it! It just doesn't make sense how this is possible. So my question is, how do I go about / who do I contact to order since it seems it should actually be available.


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2 years ago

Hi @dreynolds8604,


AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet is not available in all areas but is working to expand.


For more information like pricing, data questions, and technical specs, check out our AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet Homepage.


You can also contact us at 877-990-0041.


Thank you for reaching out to AT&T's Community and Forums Team.


Lafayette, AT&T Community Specialist

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3 months ago

Here's what I would do ... get it, but do the month to month offer. I believe it's $70/mo versus $60/mo if you lock in for a yearly contract. But big deal. I will spend the extra $10 knowing I don't have to be locked in for a whole year if the service doesn't work out.

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