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Monday, January 30th, 2017 9:24 PM

Dry loop DSL, is it history?

My story starts a little over 2 years ago. I was getting ready to move back to Georgia from California so I called AT&T to set up DSL at the address I was moving back to. I say moving back to because it is the home I grew up in. I didn't think I would have any issues as I had checked availability online and confirmed DSL was available and placed the order. I made the phone call to schedule installation at which point there was a hiccup, I had to get some information from the owner of the home I was moving to in order to show I had permission to add a line. No big deal, right? I got the information and called back the same day and everything was set to go, the install date was set 3 days after my expected arrival at the address. During my cross country move, I get another call from AT&T and I was told by the representative that DSL was no longer available at the address I requested. I checked the availability online again using my phone and again, it showed DSL service as available and offered the option to order. I opted to wait until I arrived at my new address and called them to order (in hopes of avoiding more hiccups). When I arrived I checked the availability online again then called to order, once again I was told it was unavailable. I then explained that upon checking availability online it still showed service was available; the representative did some further checking and told me I was correct it was actually available. For some reason the system would not let the representative complete my order, the only option I had available was a home phone landline which we already had. Now here I am 2 years later still fighting to get DSL, each time I call I’m told there are no available ports. (It no longer shows it as available when I check online).  I find it incredibly hard to believe that in 2 years time not a single port has opened up. The population of my city is pretty low, around 1500 people. I’ve also been told I live too far from the CO, if that were the case how was it I had DSL service at the same address 5 years prior? My house certainly hasn’t moved and the CO is in the same place it has always been. I have succumbed to purchasing the wireless home phone and internet which is fine until I burn through the data cap trying to watch video presentations for my college courses. I know it was stipulated by the FCC during the AT&T & Bellsouth merger that AT&T must offer a broadband connection to 85% of their landline customers; however, AT&T stated they would provide a broadband connection to 100%. I realize that the wireless home internet (4G LTE) meets broadband requirements but we all know it’s not the same if for no other reason than the data cap. Why not use the same data cap that was used with the old DSL plans? 150GB for a reasonable price would be acceptable to me. The DSL was so much less expensive versus the Wireless home internet solution. With DSL you offered 150GB cap for what, $40 or so per month? Your wireless has a measly 50GB cap at a total cost of $120-ish per month. So, I get 100 less GB of data for $80 more each month. Now you’re going to offer me your unlimited plan when I bundle DirecTV. It’s not unlimited and saying that it is unlimited is misleading. It’s actually a 22GB plan and upon reaching 22GB my speed would be throttled to 2G speeds which is 128kbps if I remember right. 128k is useless in this day and age, have any of you actually tried surfing the web with dial up? 56k connection is 100% useless and 128k is not much better. So, in short, my question is why can't AT&T either give me DSL or offer a reasonable data cap on their wireless home internet?

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