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Sun, Mar 3, 2019 4:29 PM

Currently have 18 Mg ATT Uverse DSL looking to upgrade

Hi, I live in a smaller rural town.  I currently have 18 Mg internet but just recently noticed that they are now offering 25 mg internet in this area.  I try to add the upgraded service to my account but each time I go to check out, they have added the AT&T modem to my account for a lease of $7 a month.  I already have the service and their modem though (that I bought, I do not lease).  There is no option to not include this purchase with my 25 mg internet upgrade.  So that I can avoid an annoying phone call, is there anyone that has knowledge of this situation that can offer some help?


Thank you.


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a year ago

Your service is several years old...


As of January 2015, ATT no longer allows purchased gateways. Any new install or change of service (moving, upgrading are examples) or replacement of gateway will incur the $7 equipment fee. Prior to 2015 internet only or internet/voip accounts on a single pair broadband had to purchase the gateway for $100 with a 12 month warranty. After warranty period any need to replace gateway (weak wifi as example) purchased another unit for $100 or paid a $99 service call for your personal equipment.


During this time (pre 2015) all IPTV accounts, all bonded pair accounts, all FTTP fiber accounts (less than 1 million of them at that time) and all business accounts paid the equipment fee ... Any problems tech could repair or replace the gateway without charge as the customer had the monthly maintenance fee.


In 2016 for new customers only the fee was raised to $10. Thus grandfathered accounts pay $7 newer accounts $10.


If keep your existing account as is, no charge. If upgrade or replace the gateway will have the $7 monthly fee.


Or cancel your service, return equipment if needed and sign up as a new customer. $99 installion charge, new customer promo $50 a month for 12 month with gateway fee included in the $50. Upgrading your likely looking at $60 to $70 monthly rate plus $7 equipment fee.


Some math...

New customer $99+(12x50) is $699 for 1 year.

Upgrade at $70 plus $7 EF (70+7)x12 is $924. At $60 per month $804.


Your choice, have three...

Stay as is at current rate knowing if gateway ever swapped will have the fee. 

Keep service .Upgrade at higher monthly rate (in 2015 18M Max Plus was $62 while 24M Turbo was $10 higher at $72).

Cancel your account, lose service until a new installation can be scheduled. Estimate 3 days without internet. Maybe use your cell service as a hotspot if cannot go a few days without internet.


Just my thoughts...

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.

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