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Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 1:49 AM

Contract Concern - Multiple Agents Lied

On July 8, 2019 I chatted with Zaldy via the AT&T website (Reference Number: (edited per community guidelines) | Date/Time: 2019-07-08 at 13:28:17). During that chat, I worked with Zaldy to determine if I could have AT&T Internet only with no contract based on a specific speed offer I found online. Prior to chatting with Zaldy, I had Internet 50 at $70 a month with no contract. The offer identified online promised Internet 150 at $70 or Internet 100 at $60 a month. Prior to making the change, I verified with Zaldy if making this change online would put my under contract. Zaldy confirmed, yes it would. Due to this, and me not wanting to be on a contract ever, I did not accept the change right away. I asked Zaldy how I could identify my options then online, Zaldy instead offered to check over chat. After some time, Zaldy found Internet 100 at $70 a month with no contract. I accepted. Zaldy eventually setup the installation but not before waiving the $99 installation fee. My order number was: (edited per community guidelines)

Question 1: Why does ATT refuse to supply an online option for customers who do not want a contract?

Question 2: Why, if a customer is already on a non-contract plan, would you force them into a contract option online and not modify their display screen to show no contract options?

Zaldy solved my issue that day swiftly and accurately.

On December 17, 2019 I chatted with Frances via the AT&T website (Reference Number: (edited per community guidelines) | Date/Time: 2019-12-17 at 11:17:35). During this chat, I worked with Frances to determine if I could change my internet plan to Internet 300 for $50 a month which was an offer I was presented with online.

Just to show you I'm not lying about the statement's I'm going to make, here's the full chat:

Reference Number: (edited per community guidelines)

DATE/TIME: 2019-12-17 11:17:35

Your chat transcript:

PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE - All replies are automatically deleted.

Frances : Welcome to AT&T Chat. while we connect you to an agent, please share how we can help you today?

Frances : Hi! My name is Frances from AT&T. Hope you're doing great. I'm happy to help!

Frances : Hello John!

John : Hello!

Frances : How can I help you

John : I was looking into changing my internet speeds today, but I can't do it online because of my plan. I have the no-contract, which I want to maintain, but was curious what other speeds are out there

John : xxxxxxxxx is my account number

Frances : No worries

Frances : I can help check that for you John

Frances : Please allow me a moment while I access your account.

John : xxxx is pin

Frances : Thank you

Frances : Can you allow me a few minutes to check your account please?

John : Sure!

Frances : Thanks!

Frances : Hi John, thanks for waiting!

Frances : Internet 300 and 250 are available speed you can take advantage of and available on your area.

John : Oh awesome, how much would the 300 be?

Frances : Checking

Frances : John, I see here that Internet 300 is for $50/mo,

Frances : I gave you a discount of $30 off for 12 mo for being a valued customer with us. - NO, Frances did not "give."

Frances : How's that sound for you?

John : Isn't that with a contract for those 12 months?

Frances : Oh yes, that is actually correct John. - Okay, earlier did I not specifically state I wanted no contract?

Frances : The contract is up to 12 mos, so technically a year long.

John : Right. So what would the 300 cost without a contract?

John : $80?

Frances : Let me verify that for you

Frances : Thanks for waiting John!

Frances : Here's what I can do for you

Frances : So by upgrading your internet includes the $30 discount for 12mos,

Frances : there will be no contract for this, only the promotion will last for 12mos. - THERE WILL BE NO CONTRACT FOR THIS.

John : Then change over to the $80 a month?

Frances : Nope.

Frances : You still get Internet 300 for $50/mo with $30 discount for 12 mos.

John : Right, sorry! I meant after the twelve months goes by

John : It just changes to the $80?

Frances : No worries. Yes, it will be the normal price of $80.

Frances : You can always call back or chat back to change or stop the internet to avoid getting charged.

John : Gotcha, well yea I'd love that deal. A promo without the contract sounds wonderful!

Frances : Yep!

Frances : So should we go ahead and upgrade it now?

John : Yea for sure!

Frances : Perfect!

Frances : While working on your account, just want to remind you that you may use the myAT&T app to manage your accounts whenever you need to.

John : No worries

Frances : Thanks

Frances : Al done John! Upgrading your internet to 300 changed! This is the order number (edited per community guidelines), it was successfully submitted.

John : Great when does the speed go into effect?

Frances : This will take effect within this day, you just reset your modem and you're good to go. Was I able to fully resolve and answer all your questions and request?

John : All great, thank you!

Frances : Glad I was able to help you today John! Would there be anything else I can help you with aside from this?

John : Nope that's it!

John : Thank you!

Frances : I would appreciate if you'll remember me, Frances who helped you. Happy Holidays! Thank you for contacting AT&T! Take care and God bless you and your family! Goodbye! ♥

During this chat, Frances promised me and stated I would not be under a contract for this plan. He also assured me I could maintain that price for at least 12 months from December 17, 2019. Again, we ask the question why can't this be done online?

On March 26, 2020 I spoke via phone with Larry due to the chat being extremely busy and unable to assist. (Reference Number: (edited per community guidelines) at 12:45 according to my phone records from Verizon Wireless and Apple.) During this call, I asked Larry if I could be changed over to the Internet 1000 plan for $49.99 a month which was once again being offered to me online. After presenting Larry with the issue, Larry stated and informed me that, "I can't make the change to that offer for you over the phone. You don't qualify because you're an already existing customer. This offer is meant for new customers." After also verifying with his supervisor, Larry confirmed I should not be qualified for the offer. I asked Larry, why I could make the change online then. But prior to that our conversation went as such:

"John to confirm, you currently have the Internet 300 at $50 a month. This is under a contract."

It was at this point during the call I referenced the chat I had with Frances and him specifically stating that I should not be under a contract. I provided the reference number, the date, the agent name, etc. Larry assured me, that he would be creating a case file in regards to this matter and that I would be contacted at a later date from AT&T.

We proceeded with the call.

During the call, I asked why I could make the change online then and offered the following, "Larry, I can make the change right now. It's letting me hit the check out button. If I make this change and you see it come through, and it's on contract - can we put me back to what I had before without a contract?" Larry said yes, we can do that for you. I proceeded to make the change online and Larry confirmed the changes through with me. Larry did let me know this was a contract based offer but with my previous promise, we should see everything resolved. I was not made aware of anything else and we ended.

Question: Why did Frances lie before? Why would Larry not immediately escalate the call to a supervisor, the supervisor he spoke with about the original question? Why did Larry state on the call he would create a case number yet, I never received an update? How, did this happen? Why did this happen? Why did no one communicate this to me?

Today, April 13, 2020 I called AT&T at 18:14 and was connected with Avis (that may be misspelled). Avis, was the technical support department - I'm not sure how my call got routed to technical support when I mentioned billing and case number help. Avis was kind and took note of my concerns. She referenced my account and saw that I was on contract still and was attempting to provide an update. After some discussion and account changes with security, she escalated the call to her supervisor Maria. Maria informed me of the basics and set my expectations since she was technical support and asked, "If you aren't cancelling then I don't understand." I interrupted and stated I didn't want a contract because if I want to cancel - I can cancel anytime, penalty free. Maria took that as I want to cancel, today and connected me with the Loyalty department.

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4 years ago

I was connected with Liz in the loyalty department who started the call by stating, "She informed me you were thinking of cancelling, what's got you wanting to cancel today?" I said, "She lied." Verified my account and proceeded to explain the events from December, March and now today. Liz initially said, "You aren't under contract." But after "refreshing" the account saw that I was and referenced the December date contract. But was confused why we wouldn't show one for March. I was confused, because once again I am not supposed to be on a contract. So I don't even know how, an internet plan in March has a contract end date of December but I still don't understand because there should have never been a contract to begin with.

After some frustrations and conversation, Liz informed me nothing could be done if it was via chat because AT&T tells them to state, "You need to chat them again and discuss it with them." Oh? Well, chat currently is not working due to the high influx - but why would that matter? Liz also informed that Larry had never opened a case file against what we discussed and found. I asked Liz, if she couldn't provide the solution who could provide the solution. She provided me with the phone number to the office of the president for AT&T. I let her know I'll call but I'll also go to the FCC. I also asked for the phone number to your legal department and any other direct supervisors phone number. I also asked about showing up to an AT&T store tomorrow, April 14, 2020 to have this resolved in person and they'll need to forcibly remove me. Only then, was Liz able to find a supervisor although she had just informed me their department closed at 7:15 Central time. Liz could not get in contact with them and provided with customer loyalties direct number to call at 9 am my local time.

Why is there not an option for customers to select no contract online?

Why was I lied to multiple times?

Why was I told multiple different things over the course of this timeline?

Why was a case file never opened?

Why, after multiple calls and chats, can no agent provide a solidified answer?

Before this all started, before I had to arrive to where I am today. I just wanted my contract removed from completely. AT&T let me say that one more time - I JUST WANTED MY CONTRACT GONE. So tell you what, before I take this to the next step and you know what it is when you listen to my recorded phone call with Liz, I'll try this avenue.

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