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Fri, Jul 23, 2021 11:19 PM

Cable/ internet selection

Previously in America tou could choose your cable/internet provider and plan in American,  recently cable monopolies are popular. Is this even legal? Many of the tenants loved their AT&T service because reception & quality was better. In Central Ohio tenants are forced to get rid of AT&T and get crappy soectrum.  Its mandatory in the lease,  isn't this considered a monopoly since they are forcefully taking AT&T customers at Enclave at New Albany( office address 4955 Enclave Blvd. Westerville,  Ohio 43081- and 2 other complexes in this area. After awhile if this isnt stopped every complex in Franklin County will be stuck with crappy Spectrum.


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As I recall the legislation, the complex cannot prevent you from using a service that you can access from your home without the complex providing facilities.  For example, if you can put a satellite dish on a porch/deck, then the complex cannot prevent you from using a satellite service.  However, if wiring doesn't exist for a certain company's Internet service, then the complex is not obligated to allow wiring to be placed.  

An ILEC's wiring would have to be accessible by a CLEC, but that's about the only way you can force the complex to allow you to have a service that requires wiring.




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If it’s mandatory in your lease the complex your in made a deal with charter. Complain to them. It has nothing to do with AT&T. 

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