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Tuesday, March 19th, 2019 1:50 AM

Beware of this company. Do they even know what customer service is..? Where to write a review?

I am with the company for almost 9 years now. That's how long I have been in this country. AT&T provides good network service, however their customer service is just on the other side of the graph. Worst customer service in the world, hand down. Their policies are against customer needs. I hope someone can provide me a list of all the websites and portals where I can post my reviews/ratings for this company



15 months ago, I walked into an AT&T store to get my wireless phone upgraded. Local agent offered me a really exciting U-verse TV offer alongside and I signed up for it. During the signup process he asked for my social "I clearly asked the guy if he is going to run a credit check and he replied NO, its just for the system to process the request". Guess what happened. I had a hard check on my credit. When I contact the guy next day, he said that is probably a mistake from the back end office and he promised to take care of it right away and I will get a confirmation email. A month later I called to see where they stand, that guy was fired and I was asked to work with the credit department to resolve my issues. After spending 15+ hours on calls and 2 letters to AT&T to take the inquiry away, nothing happened. Still have that on my credit history. After all that, they could not install U-verse in my apartment as there is no proper line of sight.


Issue-2 to Infinity:

I had home internet (45 Mbps) with AT&T for 2 years and 4 wireless line for over 8 years. In Feb 2019 I moved places and called AT&T a week before my move to schedule a internet move. First guy on call said "This is great, they have better speeds at the new location, they can give me 50 Mbps for the same price and even going to schedule a tech to install internet at my new apartment for free. Promised me that I will receive a confirmation email by end of day, Feb 16. Nothing arrived until 48 hours and I called them back again. Called them back again (48 hours before my move) and found out that the first guy did not do his job and they have to run a credit check to get this move approved. This is insane, after being with the company for 2 years and never missed payments on my wireless for 9 years, they still don't trust me. But still I went ahead and approved it as I need internet. They scheduled a installation on the day of my move (6 days from the first call). Technician never arrived. I called them back and they said, my installation was deferred to 3 days later due to a glitch in the system that did not process the request. I need internet badly as I work from home. They promised me that I will be taken care in 3 days, which I did not want. I spoke to another person asking them to cancel my account, when they asked me for a reason to cancellation, I explained them what happened. Then the agent said, there was no 50 Mbps plan in my new area and someone gave me false info. Max, they have is 15 Mbps. I was stoned and asked them to wave the credit check as it was a false promise. They disagreed and asked me to work with credit department. This is after talking to 8 different people and hours on calls during my move process. Finally a sales supervisor offered me $150 credit on my account and to forget everything and cancel the account. I had no choice but to accept it. The save evening, I bought internet service from Comcast, bought a router from BestBuy, celled them and got my internet activated. All in less than 2 hours. I have my internet and job. Thanks to XFinity and their awesome service. AT&T used to be like this before 2015.


Then I called AT&T back to confirm the cancellation of my internet account. They promised me that it will be taken care. I received no emails for any calls or activities performed by any agent until this point as "AT&T has a policy that agents cannot send emails. All emails will be automatically send when the orders/services are taken care by the system". Technically you have no proof of anything promised by the customer service agents. When I escalated about the agents, they gave me confirmation numbers, but I never get to know what happened to those agents/issues. They say "they will perform an internal review and take action". Then whats the point of giving me a reference number for my escalation requests. Its just a game. Spoke to 4 more agents after that to address the issues. No luck. Finally, I saw a credit on my account for $150 on Feb 21st. Thought my account will be closed automatically.


Finally, this is March 18 and my internet account was still active and I was charged for the month of March. This time I did not get an email for my wireless account bill. I missed my payment. When I logged back into my account on March 15 (15th is my due date), it did not show my wireless lines in there. It just showed me my internet account which was supposed to be cancelled. Tried calling support, was on wait for 30+ mins both the times I called, hung up both the times and totally forgot about it. Today I finally got hold of an agent that said there is a note on the account to be cancelled on Feb 21st and he does not know why it wasn't cancelled. Yet I am being charged. Then he mentioned to me that my wireless phones were moved to a different account and he added the account to my online account. Then I saw the bill and they changed the billing date to 12th instead. Now I missed my payment by over a week for the first time in ages. I never received an email or notification that my account will be split or migrated. Yet I will be charged a late fee next month for no reason (I know this is going to happen, they will never miss an opportunity to charge a customer for their mistake). Finally the guy transferred me to the cancellation department where the lady said she closed the account and I will get a refund the credit amount on my account. I did not get any email yet and it is in a limbo at the moment. At least this person sounded like she knows what she was doing. Hopefully, this time they actually do some work.


This company taught me a lesson for staying loyal to them for years. It used to be a good company. I work in the telecom industry. I stayed with AT&T when I was working for Verizon (2014-2017), leaving my employee discounts, just out of loyalty. And this is what this company gives back. I spoke to couple of other friends of mine that moved away from AT&T in the recent past and they said "BAD Customer service" is the reason. Now I am educating everyone that I know about what happened and trying to save them from this non-sense. Please share my experience and help more people in staying away from this company. Unfortunately I have 4 phone lines with this company at the moment that I need to. I wish I can get out of that ATT Next program and get out of this mess right away. If you guys know the best place to write reviews, please let me know. I will take time to write reviews and save more and more people.

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5 years ago

Hi @ashokluvs59!

We understand how you feel and we'd love to look into this for you here! To fully assist with these issues further, we will need to look over your account in more detail.

I am sending you a private message (PM) to help in this matter. Please check your forums private messages and reply to my message.

I look forward to your response and the opportunity to help you!

Yetty, AT&T Community Specialist

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