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Tue, Jul 9, 2019 6:26 AM

ATT Reps INSIST Fiber only option HELP

OK, for the millionth time, anyone who understands how ATT FIber works will know this, but anyone who is capable of getting fiber, at least in every case i know of, can also get the VDSL plans of lower speeds....the opposite obviously isnt true though. I currently have the 45/5 plan, i have an install pending for a few weeks from now, and i would desperately like to be switched to the 100/10-20 VDSL plan. My current gateway is a NVG 589, it has two bonded pairs, each of which are capable of the 50/12 plan by themselves, maximum sync rate of each being around 60/12. 


The problem is that the web portal does not deem me worthy or smart enough of choice, so my only options are 5/5, 100 Fiber or VDSL but it defaults to fiber for me, and the 300 and 1000 plans. 

To all the reps i have spoken with, including social media team elite helpers, this means that my address is not capable of the plan i want to be put on until my fiber install.


that is obviously a complete load of bull ignorance, but the rep refused to even send a tech out, which i finally decided to ask for ironically after the first rep told me they would send a rep out to give me a new modem, and i rejected that because dear god i didn't think i needed to have trucks roll just to switch my plan in their system. 


If someone can help me, i am about to close an ATT account thats been active since 1971, on a matter of strict principle, i want fiber, but not enough to sign a deal with the devil's customer support staff


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2 y ago

Oh no, @FiveOhFour

We definitely do not want to see you go, and appreciate your years of dedication to us. Allow us to turn this around for you and review plans available at your address. 

To do so we will be sending you a private message to gather some information from you. Please respond at your earliest convenience for further assistance. Talk to you soon! 


Ariel, AT&T Community Specialist 

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